Essie’s Summer 2013 Hot Neon Nails Are Stunningly Sizzling

by admin

Essie’s Summer 2013 Hot Neon Nails Are Stunningly Sizzling

Neon is not an easy trend to pull off, but Essie makes it easy with some hot shades for your nails. With names inspired by after-hours clubbing, your digits will be more than ready to hit the town all night long.


Bottle Service



We want to soak up the sweetness of Essie's hot candy pink. This wet fuchsia will pop against white skinny jeans or a yellow sundress.  


DJ Play That Song



Plum has never looked as good as this! The infectious neon purple shade has endless possibilities—but pairing it with white flip flops and a silver bikini will take the shade to new heights.


Shake Your $$ Maker



This neon shade will make everyone you know green with envy! But, they don't have to be—Essie nail polish is not outrageously priced, so anyone can make a scene with this green.


Saturday Disco Fever



Tony Manero won't be the only one showing off his dance moves. Paint your toes with this hot tangerine nail polish and your feet will be ready to disco in the present day. 


Boom Boom Room



Cotton candy pink nails are perfect for the boardwalk—clutching the seats on roller coasters or picking berries off funnel cake—and beyond!