Fall 2013: Pantone-Inspired Nail Colors

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Fall 2013: Pantone-Inspired Nail Colors

The Pantone Fall Color Report for 2013 has been pinned up at my desk for months now and the season is finally coming! Jewel tones, earthy neutrals and toned-down versions of warm colors are already popping up in both fashion and beauty. True, I’ll miss my neon bright nail polishes, but I can’t wait to rock sophisticated dark fingernails all season long.


Fall 2013 Pantone Colors for Fashion



This year's Pantone colors for fall are:

  • Emerald
  • Linden Green
  • Mykonos Blue
  • Acai
  • Samba
  • Koi
  • Vivacious
  • Deep Lichen Green
  • Carafe
  • Turbulence

Keep clicking for a look at each color and our picks for polishes that are reminiscent of the Pantone hues.





Pantone’s Color of the Year is still going strong as we transition into fall. These jewel-tone nail colors are as opulent as the gemstones themselves. To avoid the feeling of St. Patty’s Day nails, stick to polishes that have a little sparkle or added dimension to them, like the Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots line.


Maybelline Color Show Drops of Jade



Maybelline Color Show's Polka Dot Line is nail art in a bottle! If you’ve always wanted to do one of the graphic designs nail bloggers are pulling off flawlessly but you’re too impatient or shaky handed, this nail polish is a godsend. Although I’m in love with the black-and-white version (Clearly Spotted), Drops of Jade is the answer for fall nail art. 


Finger Paints Our Tips Are Sealed



Sally Beauty and nail blogger Michelle Mismas of All Lacquered Up collaborated on this new collection, Finger Paints, slated to hit stores in September and retail for $5.29. Our Tips Are Sealed is a rich vibrant emerald with just a subtle hint of sparkle.


Zoya Giovanna



This Zoya nail color is a cool twist on emerald with greenish blue metallic undertones. The finish, true to Zoya quality, is extra glossy and highly pigmented. The nail color is also opaque in finish so you only need one coat. (Available at Zoya.com for $8.)


ORLY Sparkling Garbage



This ORLY nail color was actually a part of their Summer 2013 Mash Up collection, but I loved it so much I’m wearing it into fall. The saturated green has holographic glitter in it (super on trend right now) and is sheer enough that you won’t feel like you’re early to the Christmas season. Available here for $8.50.


Linden Green



This yellow-toned green is the brightest of the fall Pantone colors and so pretty paired with all the dark colors we like to wear when the weather turns cool. If you’ve already grown tired of summer’s bright nail colors, try these linden green nail polishes on as an accent nail.


Color Club Sunrise Canyon



This yellow-green nail shade is so pretty when paired with darker fall colors, like warm gray knits. ($5 from Eno Spring)


NYC Color High Line



I'll admit it. Half the time I buy nail polish for the fun names on the bottle, and I love the Big Apple themed names on NYC Color nail polishes. High Line is a lighter version of Kelly green and applies super smoothly with one coat.


Mykonos Blue



Although the name sounds positively summery, this blue has deeper teal undertones to fit the season’s color palette. Subtle in fashion, blue tones take on a funkier attitude when used in nail polish. A night out may be a more appropriate venue to try out this color than at the office.


Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Polish by Kate Brit Pop



Kate Moss can do no wrong. All ten of the colors she created for Rimmel London are long-lasting and chip-resistant with music-inspired names like Brit Pop, Hip Hop and Reggae Splash.


NYC Color In a New York Color Minute



This opaque blue nail color is spot-on Mykonos Blue. For a fun nail art design, try using the color only on your fingertips and paint the rest of the nail a stormy gray. Two fall colors in one look! 


LCN Blue



The Mirror Collection by LCN is full of cool-toned metallic nail colors. This cerulean shade takes us back to the '90s—is it still appropriate to accessorize with a mood ring? (Available here for $7.50.)





I’m all about purple when it comes to fall beauty. Purple eyeliners and eyeshadows, deep plum lipsticks and rock-star royalty purple nail polishes are all on my must-haves list. Almost every nail polish brand has a new purple shade out for fall, so you’ll have no difficulty finding one you love.


Julep Gabrielle



Julep’s fall Jazz Collection was inspired by music, style and the spirit of the roaring twenties. If you’re still playing the Great Gatsby soundtrack on repeat (love that Lana del Ray track) any color in this collection will suit you. Gabrielle is a smoky mulberry color with crème finish. ($14 at Julep.com)


Avon Aurora



This shimmery grape-color nail polish gives your nails a truly juicy look that Avon says should last up to 12 days. And unlike most glitter polishes, the Avon formula comes off fairly easily with nail polish remover. ($6 at Avon)


ORLY Pixie Powder



This purple nail polish has light purple and gold bits of shimmer mixed in for a fun sparkly look. The polish is sheer enough to wear on its own (with multiple coats) or as a shimmery finish to another opaque purple polish. (Availble for $8.50 in September at ORLY)





Even the name of this color is sexy. While summer reds are full of orange undertones, fall reds are closer to a deep magenta. The season’s new deep red nail polishes will go with everything for any occasion this season. Plus, I’m using it as an excuse to buy a matching lipstick.


Zoya Channing



This Zoya nail color is a gorgeous metallic red with bits of gold shimmer. Perfect for the premiere of Hunger Games: Catching Fire, no? ($8 at Zoya)


Julep Coco



I’ve been a huge fan of Julep nail polish since they first came out. Although the price point is a little steeper than other brands ($14 a bottle at Julep.com) and the size is a little smaller, I always find the variety of color and the quality worth it. Coco is a deep blood red with a crème finish.





Even though the name ‘koi’ may have you picturing those bright orange Japanese fish, this color is actually more subdued. Orange’s coy cousin if you will.


Julep Christina



This deep shimmery orange polish is on fire! Light specks of gold shimmery catch the light for a radiant manicure. ($14 at Julep.com)


Maybelline Color Show Dotty



This Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots nail polish is perfect for an elegant Halloween nail look. The orange polish is full of white and black dot confetti for pretty holiday nail art that's not tacky.





Like Samba, this fuchsia pink is the perfect color to match your lipstick to your nail polish (even to a new purse). It may be a designated fall color for 2013, but it’s multifaceted enough to wear all year long. 


L’Oreal Nail Color Members Only



This rich fuchsia nail polish is the perfect pop of color on fingers or toes when paired with your little black dress.


Essie The Girls Are Out



The great thing about this fall’s Pantone colors is that they transition subtly from summer brights to toned down autumnal shades, meaning you can still wear plenty of your summer nail polishes and be on trend. This Essie color was part of this summer’s collection, but is an almost identical match to Pantone’s Vivacious. Keep on wearing!


Deep Lichen Green



I was not a fan of this mossy green when I first saw it, but like your favorite olive green military jacket, it grows on you. Choose matte-finish nail polishes for a more sophisticated look.


LCN Audrey



The Charade Collection from LCN honors the style and iconic sophistication of our favorite silver screen actresses. This rich olive color doesn’t quite seem like something Audrey would wear, but I’ll definitely be giving it a spin. (Available for $7.50 at LCNboutique.com)


Finger Paints Sage It Ain’t So



If you work in a conservative office environment where bright nail colors don’t quite seem appropriate, you don’t necessarily have to resort to nudes and pale pinks. This sage color is subtle enough to act as a neutral and pretty with a little bit of shimmer. (Available in September at Sally Beauty for $5.29.)


Maybelline Color Show Mystic Green



Maybelline’s Holographic collection changes color depending on your light and angle. Mystic Green shifts from a light sage to a deeper jade, and every shade in between. The cyber-celluloid effect is nothing short of futuristic.


LCN Green



I love this metallic peridot nail color because it only requires one coat. So many metallic or holographic colors need multiple coats to give you the full effect, but this bottle is sure to last a while. Make sure to check out the whole LCN Mirror Collection, because they are all fabulous. ($7.50 at LCNboutique.com)





This chocolate brown is the warmer version of the sexy black nail colors we saw last fall and winter. If the shade seems too dark for you, choose nail colors with burgundy undertones to make it more wearable.


LCN Chocolate Fudge



LCN’s Homecoming Collection is full of cozy-color nail polishes that remind us of winter knits. Chocolate fudge is a deep, vampy brown with raisin-color undertones. I’m not usually a fan of brown polish, but this one is stunning enough to replace my much-loved black nail color. ($7.50 at LCNBoutique.com)


Lancome Chocolate Mordore



Lancome cleverly codes their nail polishes with the letters M, B or N in the shade number to identify whether the color is best worn for daytime, boudoir time or night time. Chocolate Mordore is classified as an N, an intense shade for magical nights. ($15 at Lancome-USA.com)





This stormy gray is extra versatile when it comes to nail polish colors. Wear the trend with metallic-flecked polishes, solid color lacquers, or even the newest holographic polishes.


Revlon Ritzy



This nail color calls for a night out! The sheer black nail polish has bits of silver glitter combined with silver confetti. This would be the perfect nail color for New Year's Eve if you don’t want the typical silver metallic polish.


Nicole by OPI A Phil’s Paradise



When we first heard Nicole by OPI was coming out with a Modern Family collection I was expecting vibrant bright colors and maybe some neon, but instead found completely covetable fall shades. A Phil’s Paradise is sparkly gunmetal grey. I’m also loving What’s the Mitch-uation, a deep metallic cobalt.


L’Oreal Nail Color Stroke of Midnight



This dark gray nail polish has just the slightest bit of sparkle to it, so you can get away with rocking the color night or day.


Maybelline Color Show Blue Blaze



Another one of Maybelline’s holographic polishes, this color ranges in shades from deep gray to navy blue to lavender. The multifaceted nail color is extra flattering paired with any wash of blue jeans.