Feast Your Eyes on This Thanksgiving Nail Art

by admin

Feast Your Eyes on This Thanksgiving Nail Art

Finding Thanksgiving nail art that is both sophisticated and festive is often easier said than done. Luckily this nail look is the perfect combination of the two. Give it a try before your big family gathering.

It’s hard to find a festive Thanksgiving nail art design that I would actually want to wear without looking like an 8-year-old girl. I thought long and hard about this one, and I finally came up with a simple and fun Thanksgiving-inspired design for grownups. Instead of choosing traditional Thanksgiving colors like red, green, and yellow, I choose to use dark purple and gold to bring a more Native American feel to the design. If you're looking for those more traditional colors, check out this fall-inspired nail design I created.

To get started, you'll need clear, purple, and gold nail polish, a thin nail art brush and a large dotting tool. Just follow the step-by-step directions below.

1. Clean off your nails and file them to your desired shape. Apply a base coat of clear polish to all your nails.

2. Once the clear polish has dried, apply two coats of dark purple polish to all your nails.

3. After letting your polish dry for a few minutes, take your thin nail art brush and dip it into your gold polish. On your pointer finger, create the stem of the feather by painting a line that slightly curves diagonally across your nail. On both sides of the stem, paint two featherlike shapes leaving small gaps in between.

4. On your middle fingernail, grab your thin nail art brush to create the teepee. Dip the brush in your gold polish and paint an “X” starting to one side of the nail. The top side of the “X” will only be half the size of the bottom half. Add an extra line at the top, the same length as the others beside it. Paint an upside down “V” at the tip of the nail in the middle of the initial “X” to create the door of the teepee. To make the full moon on the nail, take the large dotting tool and dip it into your gold polish. Place the dot on the opposite side of the nail that the teepee is on.

5. To create the turkey on your ring finger, take your largest dotting tool dipped in gold polish and create the body of the turkey in the middle of your nail. Now take your smaller dotting tool dipped in gold polish and place the head of the turkey a little above the body. Be sure to leave room for the neck. Paint the neck and legs on with the small nail art brush dipped in gold polish. To create the beak, use the nail art brush to paint a small triangle on one side of the head. This will make the turkey look like his head is turned sideways. Apply the feathers by painting small dashes around the body of the turkey.  

That’s it! You've just recreated the most festive Thanksgiving nail art! Rock it at all of your Thanksgiving Day feasts.

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