Feel the Frost with These Snowy Tree Gradient Winter Nails

by admin

Feel the Frost with These Snowy Tree Gradient Winter Nails

Blend a gradient nail technique in frosty blues with an easy nail art design for a wintry nail look that's perfect all season long.

Winter Gradient Nails Story Image

Recently, it's been so cold in my area that it's been hard to think of a time when it was warm! As I write this, I can hear the wind howling outside and I'm glad for my nice warm bed. Now that December is here, it's officially the season for winter nails! Plus, they're the perfect excuse to use glitter. Glitter, glitter, glitter: It's everywhere now, and it's great—except when it comes to removing it. I'll give you a tip for doing that after this tutorial. If you want to try this look yourself, follow the steps below!

We used these polishes: OPI Gelato On My Mind (light blue/gray), Barry M Sky Blue (turquoise), Barry M Supersonic (dark blue shimmer), OPI White on White, OPI Pirouette My Whistle (silver glitter), Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat, plus a makeup sponge, a thin nail art brush, cotton balls, and nail polish remover.

Winter Gradient Nails Steps 1-2

1. Paint all your nails with a light blue polish. You may need two coats to get solid, even coverage. Allow the nails to dry completely.

2. Using three blue polishes, paint lines of color on a piece of paper, putting the lines close to each other. Pick up the colors with a makeup sponge, and press them to each nail, creating the gradient effect. You may need to do it a few times for full coverage.

Winter Gradient Nails Steps 3-4

3. Clean up around your nail with cotton balls and nail polish remover, or use liquid palisade before you do the gradient so you can peel off the excess. Once the nails are completely dry, add a coat of silver glitter polish to blend your colors together even more and give them the snow effect.

4. Using a thin nail art brush and white nail polish, create the trees. Start with the tops of the trees and work your way to the tips of your nails. Lightly draw the outlines and fill in. Add dots to the bottom of each section to create the snow-frilled effect.

Winter Gradient Nails Step 5

5. Add a second tree to each nail. Then, using the tip of your nail art brush, add tiny dots of white to replicate the look of snow falling down on the trees. Once your nails are completely dry, add topcoat to seal in your design.

You can wear this wintry look all season long, but when you do need to remove your polish, here's a quick tip for removing glitter polish. Soak bits of cotton balls in nail polish remover, and place one on each finger; then wrap your fingertips in foil and let the polish remover sit on your fingers for about 10 minutes. The polish should be much easier to remove once it's had a chance to dissolve. Have fun!

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