Fidget Spinner Nails Bring The Fun To Your Fingertips

by admin

Fidget Spinner Nails Bring The Fun To Your Fingertips

The latest in toy fads is officially being turned into nail art, and it actually spins too!

The sensation of fidget spinners have come upon us seemingly overnight. While most adults seem to be left out of the pop-up craze of the ball-bearing, rotating devices, YouTube nail artist and beauty blogger Natasha Lee is giving us more mature folks (by age, at least) a way to have a little fun with them, too. By creating a mini version of the gadget, she created fidget spinner nail art, and we can officially see why they're so addicting.

If you're not familiar with the fidget spinners (and don't feel bad, most adults who don't spend time around school-aged children aren't), the toys are marketed as aides for individuals with anxiety, autism, and ADHD by promising to provide greater concentration for people with these conditions. They also claim to bring out creativity! One study showed that focus is increased and people get a sense of calm by having something to do with their hands.

Whether the claims are true or not are irrelevant right now. Whether the toys look cool and seem to have taken over the younger generation is what matters.

Say what you'd like about the recent toy fad, but we have a feeling this harmless version of the fidget-epidemic will be a lot more fun and a lot less distracting. Lee describes the tutorial she created to get the look as, "the latest craze, now shrunken down for your fingertips," and even provides step-by-step instructions for how to get the look — mini Fidget spinner included!

To get the miniature toy, Lee used acrylic and a paintbrush to oh-so-carefully form the shape. Once it dried, she painted them a few different colors, and added silver, metallic-looking dots around the edges to make it look even more realistic. (A brilliant touch, we might add).

If you don't have any acrylic, you can also create mini spinners using cardboard from Red Ted Art's YouTube tutorial, and create smaller versions to fit on your nails. To finish off the look, use a pin, a bead and nail glue, and adhese the gadget directly onto the nail, creating a look that not only looks awesome, but works too!

Check out Lee's full tutorial below, and prepare to bring the most addicting toy of the year straight to your fingertips!