Five Easy and Gorgeous Ombre Nails to Try for Your Next #ManiMonday

by Bethany Lozier

Five Easy and Gorgeous Ombre Nails to Try for Your Next #ManiMonday

Ombre and gradient nails are perfect and easy ways to upgrade your basic mani. The video from popular YouTube channel cutepolish will show you just how simple adding flair can be.


We’re always on the lookout for the best nail videos on the internet, and we’ve gotta say, we think we nailed it this time. If you’ve ever lusted after ombre and gradient nails on the Web, this tutorial will help you achieve the nail designs of your dreams.


Recently published by the nail gurus behind the cutepolish YouTube channel, 5 Ways to Get Ombre and Gradient Nails is making us ditch our basic polish and go for the big guns. With five super amazing ombre nails tutorials to choose from, we may have to try to one per fingertip! Check out the tutorial below:



No matter which style you chose, apply a base coat to each nail before you start painting. This will help protect your natural nails and prevent breakage.


1. Ombre Nails with a Makeup Sponge
First, paint your nails with a bright polish, and apply liquid latex around the nail bed to protect your skin. Swipe that same polish and another color onto a makeup sponge, and press the sponge onto your nails. Be sure to wait a minute or two between coats to ensure the layers have time to dry. Peel off the latex, and remove any smudges or mistakes with nail polish remover.


2. Acrylic Paint with a Makeup Sponge
Use a white nail polish as your main color, and paint your liquid latex around your nails and cuticles. Take two different acrylic paint shades (they’re totally safe on nails), and paint them onto a different makeup sponge. Acrylic paints blend well and dry very quickly, so this design will take no time at all! Remove excess polish and clean up any messes with remover.


3. Glitter Ombre Gradient
Pick your favorite chunky glitter nail polish, and start painting your nails from the tip down. Make sure most of the glitter is on your fingertips to maintain the gradient effect. Apply as many coats as you want, keeping the glitter away from the bottom of your nails.


4. Gradient with a Striping Brush
In the video, Hannah chose a silver glitter polish as her base, but you can use any metallic or shiny polish you want. To create the striking gradient effect, paint a black polish from the nail tip to the middle of the nail plate. Don’t worry if the application is far from perfect–the messier, the better! Take a striping brush, dip it into a glittery polish that matches your base, and paint thin strokes on top of your nails.


5. Ombre with an Eye Shadow Applicator
If you don’t own a makeup sponge or two, don’t fret–you can still create beautiful ombre nails with an eye shadow brush. Hannah used a light blue polish for her base, but feel free to choose any shade you desire. Remember to apply liquid latex to protect your nails! With your eye shadow applicator, apply a darker complementary nail polish to one side, and lightly press it from the middle of your nails to the fingertip. Use the reverse side of the applicator to paint your base polish towards the tip of your nail. Be sure not to eclipse the darker color to preserve your ombre effect. Clean up your nails as needed with remover.


With all techniques, apply a shiny top coat after your nails have fully dried. After you’ve mastered each of these nail tutorials, you could ~probably~ run a salon out of your home!