Gender Reveal Manicures Will Help You Nail That Exciting Announcement

by Hannah Marsh

Gender Reveal Manicures Will Help You Nail That Exciting Announcement

The latest in gender reveal trends is bringing the exciting announcement to your fingernails.


Gender reveals have become almost a standard when a new baby is on the way. And from cupcakes to balloons to whole parties, the not-so-subtle ways to announce the news are seemingly endless. But alas, Instagrammers have come up with yet another way to share in the excitement: gender reveal nails. (Because what haven’t we put on our nails, yet?)


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The soon-to-be moms of the world are getting their nails manicured in light pink and blue shades and making the announcement to their friends and family by sharing the photos on social media, wearing gloves, and dramatically unveiling them, etc.


Many of the manis include cute baby nail art, like tiny rattles, pacifiers, and even outlines of tiny, wee little foot prints (ugh. so cute.). Parents who don’t even know the sex of their baby yet are still finding ways to get in on the action by celebrating with alternating blue and pink colors on their nails. And still others are choosing to not assign a gender by selecting stereotypically more gender-neutral hues like yellow or multi-colored manis.







And while these gender reveal manicures are totally cute, and we love the creativity behind them, we would be failing our readers if we didn’t mention how the term “gender reveal” is actually a bit of an issue in itself. Gender identity is fluid and can’t be decided for a person based off of his/her genetalia in the womb. So if we’re being totally accurate, the parents in this case are actually revealing the biological sex of their baby.


Any baby announcements are cause for celebration, and we love a good party and manicure just as much as the next person. However, it’s super important to remember the difference between sex and gender (yes, even with a manicure), not to mention the problem of assigning pink to girls and blue to boys. We think your baby would agree!