Get the Oval Nails of Your Dreams With This Easy Shaping Tutorial

by Bethany Lozier

Get the Oval Nails of Your Dreams With This Easy Shaping Tutorial

Achieving the oval nails you’ve always wanted takes some careful filing and regular maintenance, but you can totally master the techniques at home.


It’s common knowledge that oval faces are the most aesthetically appealing face shape, so oval nails must follow suit, right? Right. Genetics may determine the size and texture of your nails, but you can file away to get the oval-shaped nails you’ve always wanted.


The nail pros behind the YouTube channel cutepolish give excellent tips and tricks for modifying your nail shape, even if you have the squarest nails of all.



The Hack Explained


  1. Before you dive into Nail Shaping 101, invest in a good nail file. Hannah from cutepolish uses the smoother 180 side of her nail file, but feel free to try the grittier 150 side as well.
  2. With your nail file in hand, start shaping the sides of your nails with a forward motion. Avoid moving back and forth to maintain an even curve and prevent nail splitting. Keep up this technique until you start seeing the oval shape you want. Pro tip: Grow your nails out a little before shaping as you will lose some length during this process.
  3. To shape your nail tips, use the same forward movement as before, continuing to round the nail shape.
  4. Hannah does not use nail trimmers or clippers to slim down her nails, and instead uses her nail file to smooth out rough edges. She uses the same shaping technique to cut down her nails, and avoids digging into her nail bed with the smoother side of her file.
  5. Be sure to moisturize your hands frequently with lotions, creams and cuticle oil to promote nail growth and hand health. Hannah also recommends drinking water throughout the day and eating a healthy diet.


We’re pretty “oval” the moon for this nail hack. There’s really nothing better than nicely shaped nails, are we right?