Glitter Aztec Nail Art

by admin

Glitter Aztec Nail Art

I love tribal and Aztec designs, and I think they translate into nail art well. I recently stumbled across a picture of Aztec nails that used a combination of white, black, and pastel. I was inspired to create my own version with glitter, pastel, black, and white. Here's how:

1. Paint your nails with a combination of glitter, white, and a pastel shade, I used Refresh Mint from China Glaze, Beyond Cozy from Essie, and White from MASH.
2. Using a thin brush, dotting tool or nail art pen, draw a triangle on the white nail in either black acrylic paint or nail varnish, I find acrylic paint easier to control, but it's up to you!

3. At the base of the triangle paint a smaller triangle facing the opposite direction and fill it in.
4. Continue with the triangles up the side of the larger triangle to create this jagged look.

5. Draw a triangle in the centre of the jagged design using the same technique.
6. Draw steps coming up the side of the nail. You can make this nail art your own entirely by just mixing up the steps or changing the placement, as I did on my thumb. Then finish off with a topcoat of Seche Vite to seal in your design and you're done!

Here's a Pin-able version of all the steps with a finished shot, too. Have fun with it!

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