A Glittery Pumpkin-Inspired Nail Design for Halloween or All Fall

by admin

A Glittery Pumpkin-Inspired Nail Design for Halloween or All Fall

Halloween lovers, rejoice! Now you can embrace the spirit of this festive holiday by incorporating it into your next manicure. Read on for the steps to re-create these simple Halloween-ish nails at home—all you need is a makeup sponge; a small nail art brush for detailing; polishes in orange or gold, white, and green; a glitter polish; and a topcoat.

Pumpkin Nails

If you love Halloween, these pumpkin-inspired Halloween nails are for you. By combining a gradient design, your choice of orange or gold glitter, and pumpkin designs, you can create a unique and fun nail look perfect for this autumnal holiday. The best part about this nail design is that it can work all season long and isn't limited to being worn on Halloween, as a jack-o'-lantern design might be. Use this simple-to-follow tutorial as inspiration for an at-home mani or for your next professional manicure this season.

Pumpkin Nails Steps 1-2

1. Paint your nails with a base color like OPI's "Is Mai Tai Crooked?" Next, rip off a corner of a makeup sponge, and use it to dab a lighter orange color (going in different directions) in the center of your nails. For this step, I used Barry M's "Full Throttle."

2. In the center of the lighter orange section, add white using the same technique as in Step 1. You may need to go back and add more of the light orange polish in order to blend the orange and white polishes together.

Pumpkin Nails Steps 3-4

3. Using your chosen hue (orange or gold), dab the glitter polish onto the sides of your nails.

4. Draw pumpkin shapes in the center of your gradient using a thin nail art brush and a darker orange polish like Essie "Fear Or Desire." If drawing a pumpkin shape proves to be too difficult, try a circular shape instead.

Pumpkin Nails Steps 5-6

5. Using the light orange polish from Step 1, a dark green polish like OPI's "Don't Mess With OPI," and a small detailing brush, add details to your pumpkins.

6. When dry, finish this nail design with a clear topcoat to seal in your Halloween nails.

Voila! Now your nails can reflect your excitement for the season. For more nail art inspiration, visit me at One Nail to Rule Them All.