Go Green: 13 Earth Day Nail Looks We Love

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Go Green: 13 Earth Day Nail Looks We Love

Earth Day is April 22 and green is in. Capture the Earth’s natural beauty with these floral, sprout, and landscape digits. We rounded up our favorite manis from pro nail bloggers so you can make a statement in style.


Aspen Nail Art



Katy from Nailed It drew inspiration for her Earth Day nail art from a Kleenex box, and we still think her mani captures these mountainous trees perfectly. This freehand nail art takes only three polishes and a little bit of patience. 


Branches Nail Design



When it comes to loving the planet, forget hugging trees—these nails by Mari's Nail Polish Blog say it all. The clean lines and pure colors make this whimsical nail look perfect for Earth Day. While this mani is freehanded with a nail art brush, you can use nail art pens or just paint the branches on a single accent nail to make the look easier.


Reclaim the Rain Forest Nails



Go green–and glizy–with this grass-inspired mani by Gnarly Gnails. Use thin strips of tape and green polish to get these glittering blades of grass. If you don’t want to look over-the-top, this is the perfect Earth Day-to-everyday nail look.


Grow Nails



Juliatmll set out to clean her house, but instead of spring cleaning she painted plants on her nails. We give her procrastination nails two sprouts up. You'll need a white polish as base, a sponge for the dirt, and a steady hand to write “grow” on your digits. Julia’s dot technique makes freehanding this design easy, even for nail art newbs.


We Heart Earth Day Mani



Dainty Nails combined her favorite Earth Day nail art from the interwebs to create the ultimate nail look. With glitter gradients, heart shaped world, and the recycle logo painted as leaves, we think her consolidated Earth Day mani nails it. 


Worldly Nail Art



Jackie of Jamegackie has the whole world on her nails. It may look hard playing cartographer for an Earth Day nail look, but using a map for reference makes it easy–even though Jackie admits to cutting off part of South America (oops!).


Far Out Earth Day Nails



If you prefer looking at the world from an aerial view, try Lacquer Enhanced’s take on an Earth Day manicure. Use black and glitter polish to create a space scene and then freehand the world on an accent nail. The effect is far out.


Landscape Nail Art



If you prefer to honor the earth in landscape form, try this mountain mani by Dry, Dammit! This nail look, modeled after Mount Wellington, is expert-level, but if you have the skills and the time it’s well worth it.


3D Rainy Day Nails



3D digits took the nail art world by storm last season, and we’ve been lusting over them since. If you don’t have hours to commit to an elaborate 3D nail look, try JauntyJuli’s simple rainy day mani instead.


Recycle Nail Art



Make a statement with these Earth Day nails. I Feel Polished uses a stamping plate to create a collage of recycling logos. Green, sparkling polish makes both the symbol, and the statement pop.


Natural Beauty Nail Art



Wondrously Polished strived to capture both her love of nature and its beauty in her Earth Day nail look. With heart-shape “continents” silhouetted against a royal blue “ocean," we think she succeeded. 


Cloudy Day Nail Art



With the recycling logo and smog-free skies, HannahRoxNails' Earth Day nail look has us on cloud nine. Check out her directions for creating this look with a toothpick and acrylic paint.


Peace Sign Nail Art



Craftynail's creates this holographic peace sign mani using tape, neon green nail polish, and a few coats of glitter to create possibly the easiest—and glitziest—Earth Day nail look.