Gorgeous Marble Nail Art You Can Actually Do (No Hairspray Required!)

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Gorgeous Marble Nail Art You Can Actually Do (No Hairspray Required!)

Of course, you've always coveted marble in the kitchen, but lately it can be found on more than just countertops. Whether you're interested in marble accessories, cookware, or art, you're sure to love this easy marbled look for your fingertips. You may have tried marbling before, but this DIY manicure is easier than ever.

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There are several methods for creating the marbled effect on nails, some more complex than others. You may have seen other methods that use water and hairspray. Unlike those more difficult techniques, this look is easy to understand and to re-create in a flash even if you're not a nail expert. Don't bother with nail appointments when you can get this super-trendy marble nail art in the comfort of your own home.

You will need: a base coat, either a liquid nail tape (like Liquid Pallisade) or regular tape, black nail polish (I used China Glaze Liquid Leather), white nail polish (I used China Glaze White on White), rectangular studs, and a fast-drying topcoat (I used Seche Vite).

Steps 1-2

1. Start with a protective base coat. If you wish, you can then appy a light-colored polish to even out the color of your nail. Next, draw a line of Liquid Pallisade to mark out the halfway point across your nail. If you don't have Liquid Pallisade, you can use tape to cover half your nail.

2. Paint the uncovered half of each nail, using black nail polish. When this is dry, apply a layer of white polish, and immediately—don't let it dry—dab bunched-up cellophane onto the nail. This will create a marbled look as shown.

Steps 3-4

3. Remove the Liquid Pallisade or tape to reveal a neat line. Then remove any polish around the outside of your nail using cotton balls and acetone or nail polish remover.

4. Add studs to your nail by dabbing a small amount of topcoat where you want them to go and placing them with tweezers. To seal in your design, add a coat of a fast-drying topcoat! See? That wasn't so hard. Your marble nails are now ready to hit the town.

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