Halloween Nail Art Tutorial: Black Cat Pattern

by admin

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial: Black Cat Pattern

Don't let a black cat cross your path this spooky season unless, of course, you've put him there yourself with this adorable Halloween nail art. Black kitties in silhouette are a fun holiday icon to play with and easy to make once you master three simple shapes. Here's how to do it.

Halloween Black Cat Nails

There are a few things I always associate with Halloween: pumpkins, witches, and black cats. In the past, I've created Halloween nail art tutorials for pumpkins and witches. Let it be known that this year is all about the black cat! It might sound tricky, but marrying a few basic shapes—teardrops, circles, and triangles—makes it easy to be successful with this nail art. You'll need a neutral base coat, black nail polish, a thin nail art brush, and a topcoat.

Halloween Black Cat Nails Steps 1-2

1. Paint your nails with your base coat and let dry; I used Barry M's Lychee but you could use any light to mid-tone color. Using a thin nail art brush, paint teardrop shapes on your nail with the black polish. You can do them as shown, or you could do one big teardrop on each nail if the small ones are too fiddly for you.

2. Paint the head of the cat by drawing a circle at the narrow end of each teardrop. Paint the head off to one side to make it a bit more realistic. Add two small triangles, one for each ear.

Halloween Black Cat Nails Step 3

3. Paint a tail and whiskers on the cat. The best way to do the whiskers is to have very little polish on your brush and to flick gently outward, and the tail is just a swirl outward. Let dry, and add a topcoat to seal in your design and make your Halloween nail art shine!

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