How To Do ‘Stranger Things’ Nail Art That Would Make Joyce Byers Proud

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How To Do ‘Stranger Things’ Nail Art That Would Make Joyce Byers Proud

This Stranger Things-inspired mani is one of the best things we've seen this year — and you don't even have to go to the Upside-Down to rock this amazing style.

Stranger Things has left its mark on pop culture this year. It also happened to make waves in the world of fashion, and now it appears as though the hit series is taking over your nail art, too.

Of course, this isn't your traditional mani. With LED lights and wallpaper-inspired intricacy, your nails will be taking on the world of Stranger Things in the coolest way possible.

Step 1: Apply The Base Coat



This simply mimics the wallpaper in Stranger Things, making it easily the most basic part of the nail design as a whole.

Step 2: Place The LED Nail Sticker



The LED nail stickers, which you can find on Amazon, will have adhesive on the back, so simply place the sticker towards the upper half of your nail and lock it in place. If you have any trouble with the adhesive, like Simply Nailogical, a layer of gel polish underneath the sticker will have it stuck in place in no time.

Step 3: Beige It Up



Once you have the LED light attached (don't worry—it may not rest perfectly on your nail), apply a beige coat to conceal the entire circuit. It may take a layer or two to get full coverage.

Step 4: Mix In Some Color



Blend in some light mauve over the beige to give the wallpaper base an added pop of color, and paint on some olive green floral patterns to finish off the nail bed design.

Step 5: Add The Letters



Now it's time for the fun part. Paint the letters of your choice on the center of the nail bed, and finish up the look by painting the stringed lights along the tips to seemingly connect the LEDs on each nail tip. This, of course, will help you communicate with the Upside-Down — or at least finish off this insanely cool look.

Will you give this badass nail tutorial a go? If you want to opt for a simpler design, try Elegante Nails' design. It's still totally adorable — with no real lights attached!