Ikat Stop Loving You: Valentine’s Day Nail Art

by admin

Ikat Stop Loving You: Valentine’s Day Nail Art

I'm sharing a Valentine's Day look that's right on trend with current styles this year. It mixes the iconic heart symbol with an eye-catching ikat pattern. What's not to love about a holiday that celebrates with heart shapes in all shades of pink?

For this look, you'll need three complementary shades of pink. I used OPI's Chic from Ears to Tail, and China Glaze's Purr-fect Plum and Life is Rosy. You'll also need a small striping nail art brush. Here's how to do it:

1. Alternate painting your nails in three shades of pink. 
2. Paint a heart in the center of each nail, using a different pink from the base color. Don't worry if the hearts aren't perfect. You'll be covering the edges soon.

3. With your small striping brush and another pink, paint tiny vertical lines around the edge of each heart.
4. Continue around each heart. Your lines don't need to be the same size. It actually looks better if they're not.

5. Using the same pink you used to outline each heart in step 3, stripe a tiny heart in the center of each ikat heart shape. 
6. Top your work off with a quick dry top coat to smooth everything out. 

The final look can be sort of messy, which makes it more authentically ikat. 

Of course, you can also mix up your shades of pink with purples or reds for a different Valentine's Day look. I love the way the pink looks, and 'ikat' get enough of it!

Here's a Pin-able version of all the steps with a finished shot, too. Have fun with it!

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