KFC Comes Out With A ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ Line of Nail Polish

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KFC Comes Out With A ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ Line of Nail Polish

So, edible nail polish is now a thing. 

When we first heard that KFC was coming out with a line of edible finger nail polish, we thought it was a grossly genius, but severely delayed April Fool's joke. Well, we were wrong.

In the company's new Hong Kong marketing campaign, KFC debuted a line of edible finger nail polish—the idea being to apply the nail paint and then lick it, over and over and over again. Like, who would ever do that?

Apparently KFC is hoping that people in Hong Kong will. "This campaign is designed to be intriguing and fun to increase excitement around the KFC brand in Hong Kong," John Koay, the creative director of Ogilvy & Mather (KFC's marketing agency) told Ad Week in a recent interview.


via Ad Week

Koay and his team, joined forces with food techs from McCormick, the company that manufactures KFC's secret mix of 11 herbs and spices, to create these edible polishes for KFC's Hong Kong branches. Offering two flavors, Original and Hot and Spicy, the polishes taste—you guessed it—just like chicken!

Since KFC did in fact make this stuff, it's no joke. That being said, it's not being mass produced in its nearly 19,000 branches all over the world. Well, not yet anyway.

The company released a music video along with several other pieces of propaganda to help promote their new product. And to be honest, we aren't quite sure how we feel about any of it.

One thing's for sure, if this stuff ever makes its way across the pond, we definitely won't be putting it on our toes.