Look Like A Rockstar With A Trendy Geode Manicure

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Look Like A Rockstar With A Trendy Geode Manicure

The geode nail trend is taking our love of crystals to the next (flawlessly manicured) level.

The past few months have given us geode hair and crystallized, geode lip art, so it was only a matter of time until the rockstar trend made its way down to the tips of our fingers. Introducing the mesmerizing geode nails trend that we can't stop staring at.


Our love of crystals is definitely being taken to the next level with this new trend, and the best part is that Instagrammers are using a few different techniques to get the look!

Two of the most popular ways to achieve geode nails include watermarbling without water and using a hand nail drill to uncover the crystal colors underneath. So, while it might be possible to DIY this manicure, we're going to recommend grabbing a few screenshots of your favorite looks and taking it to a professional for the first time!

Either way, this mani is one that we hope isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It's got a magical effect to it that grabs our entire attention. This is going to definitely be a tough one to beat.

Check out some Instagram inspiration before making that salon appointment!




Close up of my geode mani, for products used please see my previous post 😊

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