These Drugstore Press-Ons Protect My Brittle Nails From Breakage and Peeling

by Daniela Galvez

These Drugstore Press-Ons Protect My Brittle Nails From Breakage and Peeling

Is your gel manicure making your nails weak and frail? Well, it’s time to indulge in a healthier alternative: an imPRESS Press-on Manicure.



Dear imPRESS Press-on Manicure,


I am a chronic nail biter, but you have transformed my brittle, weak nails into manicured perfection. You see, over the years my compulsive nail biting has interfered with my fingernail growth. While I’ve tried gel manicures to strengthen and keep my fingertips looking lady-like, I always end up picking at them, resulting in—you guessed it—weaker nails.



Of course, that all changed when one of my good friends (and your most loyal customer) suggested that I give you, imPRESS Press-on Manicure, a try. So, I headed to the nearest Target and, sure enough, you were there waiting for me in the nail aisle. What immediately caught my attention were the claims. Press-on nails that add instant length, have a comfortable fit, and are easy to apply and remove? Yup, I was sold! And unlike regular gel manicures that cost me anywhere from $30 to $80 (welcome to New York), you only set me back $6.



While your packaging was similar to those crappy stick-on nails I used as a kid, the similarity stopped there. For starters, the kit came with 30 differently sized faux nails (because not all nails are created equal) that could be matched to any nail size to avoid gaps. There was no glue, instead, a patented dual-layer adhesive designed to keep the nails in place without causing damage. To ensure the application process went smoothly, the kit also included a nail buffer, a wooden cuticle pusher, and an alcohol wipe.



Now, it was time to put you to the test. After a minute of prepping my nail, I pulled the clear backing off and aligned you with my cuticles. I pressed firmly for five seconds to ensure you were secured and, to my surprise, you did not budge. In less than five minutes, you had transformed my fingertips into a picture-perfect manicure. Did I mention there was zero mess and no dry time involved?



For the next couple days, I carried on with my daily chores to test your press-on nails’ longevity. I washed the dishes, showered, and even folded laundry, yet you were still going strong by day seven. After a week of being heavy handed, none of the nails had popped off. When it came to the temptation to nibble on my fingertips, your thickeness discouraged me from even trying.



There was slight gap at the base of my cuticle from where the growth had begun, so I decided it was time to say to goodbye and welcome a new set. While parting ways can be dificult, there was no nail-ripping hard feelings on your part. To thank you for my week of salon-worthy nails, I first soaked you in a bowl of warm water. Then to ease the departure, I added a couple drops of cuticle oil (I used the cult-favorite, Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil), around your edges. Once I felt it was time to finally let go, I used the wooden cuticle pusher that came in the kit to gently loosen and push you off. There was a small trace of residue from the sticky adhesive but I simply whipped it off with Zoya’s gentle nail polish remover.



As far as my natural nail, I saw no lifting, peeling, or thinning as I usually do after removing off gel manicures. Believe it or not, my nails felt a lot stronger and had significant growth in just a week. Of course, I am not the only one who is praising your non-damaging formula.



“These are great because I can put them on, takes about 10 mins and they look great. I can then remove about 7 days later and my nails are in good shape,” says one Amazon reviewer.



“Absolute best manicure I’ve ever had. After many years of getting my nails professionally done, I’m getting more compliments than ever. The best part? No damage to my nails,” says a satisfied customer.



Another shopper claims, “these are super easy to remove as the adhesive is much kinder and gentler than the nail glues. My natural nails have not suffered at all by wearing these press-on nails.”



“Not damaging like salon dips and gels, and a fraction of the price. Not to mention the time I save not having to go to a salon. I am a fan,” a nail aficionado wrote on Amazon. Needless to say, I am also a fan.



Thank you for helping kick my nail biting habit to the curb! You nailed it!