Lucky Us: St. Patrick’s Day Nail Designs to Show Off

by admin

Lucky Us: St. Patrick’s Day Nail Designs to Show Off

Avoid a pinch on St. Patrick’s Day with some festive green nail art! St. Patrick’s Day nail designs aren’t always so easy or so cute, so definitely give this one a try (even if you aren’t Irish).


St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, giving me the perfect excuse to try out some St. Patrick's day nail designs (and drink). I'm only joking, but both definitely play a part in my enjoyment of the holiday. Unfortunately, St. Patty's isn't a big holiday day here in England, so I make sure my nails are really festive to get the most out of the day.

You'll need nail polishes in light green, white, dark green, black, gold, red, and light blue (or other rainbow colors); a dotting tool; and a small nail brush or nail art pens.


1. Paint your nails light green. Then create a French tip with a dotting tool and white nail polish.

2. To make a four-leaf clover, paint four dots in dark green polish on one nail using a dotting tool. Then, with a small brush, carefully add a stem.


3. Now, using a small nail brush or nail art pens, draw a pot of gold on other fingers. Start with black polish for the pot, and then add gold. It's best to add the gold as little dots, to give the impression of individual coins.

4. A St. Patrick's Day nail design wouldn't be complete without a rainbow, so add rainbows to your pots of gold. Start at the bottom with red, and work your way up to the other colors — I used red, white, light blue and green. It's best to use a very thin brush for this. Once everything is dry, add a topcoat.

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