Make Your Mani Great Again: 20 Nail Art Ideas for Election Season

by admin

Make Your Mani Great Again: 20 Nail Art Ideas for Election Season

Republicans and Democrats don't always see eye to eye, but they can agree on one thing—these election-inspired nail art ideas will wow anyone at the ballot box.


Patriotic Pop



For a subtle way to show your election spirit, try a design like this from Julia Graf’s YouTube channel. It may have originally been for the Romney/Obama election, but the red fireworks and the white stars are a timeless design. Plus the black voting box reminds you exactly what this mani’s purpose is.


Girl Power



Um, a Beyonce/Hillary Clinton mash up? Sign us up! There’s nothing like a little girl power to remind you what’s at stake at the polls this November.


Keeping it Simple



If stars and fireworks aren’t your style (or within your nail art talents) then give this design from Beauty Judy a try. Paint your all your nails red except for a navy statement nail, then draw your voter’s box. We love this idea because you can mix it up. Use a red or white statement nail instead or even add glitter—the options are endless.


Trump 2016 Nail Decals



Make your mani great again with this NWDesignStudio product: Trump nail decals. Much easier than trying to freehand a tiny Trump face on your fingers.


Ready for Hillary Nail Decals



Etsy seller NWDesignStudio also made nail decals inspired by Clinton’s campaign slogans and face.


Star-Spangled Banner



Karrie, the blogger behind Beautopia, brings you this patriotic manicure. Its intricate design is actually simple to create with the right tools. As usual, you’ll want striping tape and a nail dotting instrument, but some half moon nail stickers will also help you get a perfect french line. Just be sure to always start with your white and then layer your darker colors.


Peaceful Party



With political smear campaigns, it may seem like democrats and republicans can’t live in harmony, but that doesn’t have to be the case with your nails. Try this design from Simran at Lacquered Tips and you’ll prove the importance of each side.


Trump Nail Set



Instagram user Cate Widemire created this nail set for a client. Although it was a custom design, we don’t think it’ll be too challenging to create. Just grab some gold, red, and blue nail polish along with your Trump nail decals and go to town.


All in One



Sometimes there’s just not enough time to say how you feel. So instead show it! This design created by Pams & Kin not only features both political parties and stars and stripes, but with its bold “vote” statement thumb, you’ll be an inspiration to anyone who sees your mani.


Republicans Nail Party



We love how intricate, but fun this manicure from Crystal Bubbles looks with its various polka dots and stripes. The fun designs and freehand elephants are the perfect way to show love for the Republican party.


If You’re Still Feeling the Bern…



Sigh, he may be out of the running but Bernie will never leave our hearts. Especially when we have fabulous nail designs from blogs like Nails Magazine to keep us inspired. Check out that detail!


Straight Up Democrat



Thanks to the geniuses at Nail Pro, this design is straight democrat with its blue colors and adorable patriotic donkey. The middle finger placement is a less-than-sublte way to send your haters a clear message.


Straight Up Republican



…And on the flip side, they also created a design featuring all elephant-supporters. It’s a similar idea, only replace the blue with red. And the elephant of course, but we think that’s obvious.


Hillary Clinton 2016



Definitely created by a fan, but Hillary never fails to share her supporters’ cool nail designs on Instagram. And we aren’t complaining! Just look at that stunning detail. There’s no question whose name this lady is checking on her ballot.


The Tea Party



A little less obvious, these nail wraps from Zazzle.com are a must if you affiliate with the Tea Party. Sip that tea in style, girl.


Just Vote



Alli, one of the bloggers at The Daily Varnish wins our vote with her simplistic manicure. We’re a fan of the bright colors, not to mention the fact it’s so easy to duplicate. Go ahead, try it out.


No Seriously, Vote



Jocelyn at the Polish Pedia agrees with Alli. People need to vote, and you can support the 2016 election with this epic nail design which not only shows your stance, but announces it to everyone. “HEY! VOTE!” And that’s a design we can get behind.


I’m With Her



Katy Perry not only did a concert for her favorite candidate, but also took over her Instagram to post this beautiful nail design to show her support. You go, girl!


Ode to the Hair



One of our favorite manicurists, Cristine at Simply Nailogical created this fabulous nail design worthy of the man himself. Although her tutorial is a *smidge* sarcastic, we couldn’t help but feature it. Bet you can’t guess what she used for Trump’s hair. Hint: it’s was purrfect.


One More For the Bernie Fans



Heather, also known by her followers as Lacquerwhore, earned a lot of likes (including ours) for her Bernie-inspired nail design. And how could she not? Just look at that detail, she even got the crazy hair right!