Nail Art How-to: Snowflake Design

by admin

Nail Art How-to: Snowflake Design

Learn how to create this dreamy winter snowflake nail art by following the tutorial below. 

Every year I dream of a white Christmas. There’s nothing quite like waking up to freshly fallen snow before anyone’s had a chance to trample through it that makes the cold, dark nights of winter totally worth it. The beautiful simplicity of the snowflake offered me the inspiration for this simple nail art that’s perfect for winter.

For this nail design you’ll need:

  • A base color
  • A white nail polish or acrylic paint with a nail art brush OR a white nail art pen
  • Optional glitter nail polish
  • Top coat

Follow my easy, step-by-step directions to create these snowflake nails.

  1. Start with a base color and let it dry completely. You could go for something festive like a metallic red or a cooler color like this royal blue.
  2. Start your snowflake by painting on a simple X as big or as small as you’d like your snowflake.
  3. Paint another, slightly smaller X that interlocks with the first.
  4. Add a few spiky details to each arm of the snowflake and finish up with a top coat to seal the design!

Don’t worry about making all your snowflakes match, after all every snowflake is unique so there’s plenty of fun to be had with different patterns.  If you feel like adding a bit of sparkle, you can even paint a few nails with glitter. 

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