Nail Art Made Easy: Water Decals

by admin

Nail Art Made Easy: Water Decals

They're easier than you think. 

Choosing nail design products that work for you can be tricky. There are literally thousands of products out there and some require more skill than others! I’m sure most of us have picked up what looks like an amazing new nail art item and rushed home super excited only to end up making a real mess of things. It's so disappointing when you find out that it didn’t really live up to what it promises on the package. That's why I'm excited to show you how to use a nail art product I love: water decals!

Water decals are my new favorite thing to use in my nail art designs and they’re so user friendly. I’ve had so many compliments on these pretty Rose decals from BornPrettyStore. They have a huge selection of designs to choose from but my personal favorites are these roses and the nautical pack!

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need. Pour some water into a little cup and cut out all your decals. A pair of tweezers comes in very handy, and have a top coat ready to give your manicure a smooth, shiny finish.  To show you just how easy water decals are to apply, I’ve outlined the steps for using them. I hope I can turn you into a water decal fan if you're not already!

  1. Paint on your base color and wait for it to dry completely before using the decals.
  2. Dunk your decal in the water! Make sure it’s completely submerged and let it sit in the water for 10-20 seconds. Remove the decal from the water using your fingers or the tweezers.
  3. Place the decal (still on the paper) between your thumb and first finger and gently rub them together to separate the decal from the paper. It will be very delicate so be really careful! Use the tweezers to place the decal on your nail.
  4. Wait a few minutes, then give your nail a wipe over with a cotton pad to wick away any remaining drops of water. Next, add a top coat.
  5. Finally when it’s all dry, dip a nail art brush in nail polish remover and run it around your cuticle to give a crisp line and add a professional finish!

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