Nail Art: Prada Color-Blocked and Floral Inspiration

by admin

Nail Art: Prada Color-Blocked and Floral Inspiration

Taking inspiration from the runway makes it easy to create new nail art designs. This one from Prada is one-size-fits-all and super chic.

Nail art inspiration is everywhere. I loved this dress from the recent Prada Spring/Summer 2014 Resort collection. There were several designs in the collection that combined color-blocking and floral prints. I knew it would make an eye-catching nail design, even after I eliminated the yellow from my palette. Don't forget you can always change it up a bit to suit your style if you prefer, you could even apply a matte topcoat to the design to give it an interesting twist. Here's how I did it:

1. Paint your nails with your chosen base color. (I used Barry M polish in Berry Cosmo.) Let it dry.
2. Using striping tape to mark out where the black blocks of colour will go. The best way to do this is to place two strips down the middle, and then two smaller strips diagonally, meeting in the middle

3. Using the brush from the black polish (I used MASH polish in Black), paint the area you marked with striping tape.
4. Remove the striping tape while the polish is still wet to prevent it dragging.

5. Using a small brush, paint on the flowers. I used white acrylic paint but if you're more comfortable using white polish that would work, too. I mixed up the flower shapes and sizes, but you can do a more literal translation of the floral design if you prefer.
6. Once your design is dry, apply top coat to prevent your polish from chipping, and you're done!

Here's a Pin-able version with all the steps and a finished image to get you runway ready!

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