Nail Art: Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Pink Geometric Leopard Spots

by admin

Nail Art: Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Pink Geometric Leopard Spots

Show your spots with this playful nail art design! A classic animal print—leopard—gets an update with pastel pink.

This graphic nail art was inspired by an outfit, which you can see here. I loved the look and thought it would translate well into a nail design. It was simple to create an almost geometric design using striping tape. I love the contrast of pink, white, and black. This is also a great design for spring, which is (supposedly) fast approaching.

Want to walk on the wild side? Here's how to get the look:

1. Paint your nails with a light pink base color and let dry. I used OPI's Mod About You.
2. Apply striping tape to your nails. Another way to get the look would be to cut cellotape into strips or triangles for the same effect.

3. Using black and white polish, paint two of the triangles.
4. Remove the tape using tweezers. Do this before the polish dries to prevent dragging and to make removal easier.

5. Use a thin nail art brush and black nail polish (or black acrylic) to paint on semicircles and dots for a simple leopard print design.
6. Once your design is completely dry, apply a topcoat to protect your design from chipping.

And that's it! It's a simple design to create, but one that's a real showstopper. You'll get a lot of comments wearing this!

Here's a Pin-able version with all the steps and a finished image!

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