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15 Hanukkah-Inspired Manicures To Rock All 8 Nights

From intricate dreidel designs to magnificent menorahs, there's no better time to rock Hanukkah nails and ring in the eight-day holiday in festive style. Here are a few of our favorite nail designs to get you into the Hanukkah spirit in no time at all.

Something Sparkly

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We love the simple design that nailsbydenise3 put together. It's not only classic, but the menorah detailing is just enough to bring the celebratory spirit.

Photo: nailsbydenise3 | Instagram

All The Festivities

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We're all about having a nail party, and alldemnails knows that this is the best way to go. Combining solid colors and sparkles with intricate designs, these are the Hanukkah nails we want ASAP.

Photo: alldemnails | Instagram

Subtle Detailing

3 / 15


The delicate detailing in engziskin's Star of David is perfect to try this holiday season, and we are drooling over the perfect shade of blue.

Photo: engziskin | Instagram

Make It A Celebration

4 / 15


There are so many wonderful parts about Hanukkah celebrations — so why not show 'em all off? shirbear1's details may be intricate, but they're beautiful. (And we know we'll be trying them out, too.)

Photo: shirbear1 | Instagram

Hanukkah-Inspired Decals

5 / 15


Want to ditch the hand-drawn art? No problem. Sites like Etsy sell amazing nail stickers so you can land dreamy artwork just like monicahues.

Photo: monicahues | Instagram

Keep It Subtle

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While we love extravagant artwork, we know that it's not always practical — or easy. A subtle design like emzrozc's gives a shout out to the holiday lights without overdoing it.

Photo: emzrozc | Instagram

Hannukah Nights

7 / 15


Instagrammer nail_arts007's dreamy design is easy to nail (pun intended), and the dark hue is perfect enough to dress up for a holiday celebration.

Photo: nail_arts007 | Instagram

Chrismukkah Nails

8 / 15


There's so much spirit this time of year, so why not show it all off with a set of Chrismukkah nails like fingerbangportland's. Your nails are bound to be the envy of everyone you come across during your holiday celebrations.

Photo: fingerbangportland | Instagram

Festive All Eight Days

9 / 15


In the festive spirit, lemmielickett's design lets you "light" a finger for every day of the holiday. It's both innovative and fun for any nail guru.

Photo: lemmielickett | Instagram


10 / 15


If you want to opt for a design that'll stand out, fedoraharp's is the one for you. With subtle pops of color, these Hanukkah nails are a nail party worth rocking all season long.

Photo: fedoraharp | Instagram

Bring On The Bling

11 / 15


Instagrammer runningwithlacquer's shimmery polish and glitter-accented Star of David is the perfect combo for any glam gal celebrating Hanukkah. Sign us up for this mani ASAP.

Photo: runningwithlacquer | Instagram

Sparkle Bright

12 / 15


For a similarly shimmery, yet a bit more subtle, design, try mixing traditional and glittery polishes to add a bit of festive flair. Finish off the look by adding delicate details, like oliviajweibert's Stars of David.

Photo: oliviajweibert | Instagram

Neutral And Bold

13 / 15


Nude nails, like pumps, never go out of style. manicurediaryblog proves that simple blue and nude polishes can create designs as stand out as those with glitter, nail pens and every other nail tool in the book. The blue Star of David against the nude polish is a bold holiday statement we're utterly obsessed with.

Photo: manicurediaryblog | Instagram

Dreidel's Hebrew Letters

14 / 15


We love any nail design that challenges us, and emismanis proves that the extra little bit of effort can create a stunning design. Her recreation of the dreidel's Hebrew letters is already impressive, but her own designs on the rest of the nail bed are what make the end result truly memorable. "A great miracle happened there," indeed.

Photo: emismanis | Instagram

Star Of David

15 / 15


The Star of David is a pretty easy design to nail down. Once you have it mastered, take it to the next step with a design inspired by marymagdaleneburlesque. Combining different shapes, patterns, and lines, we can't help but want to master this level of Hanukkah-inspired nails.

Photo: marymagdaleneburlesque | Instagram

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