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Life After Acrylic Nails: How to Return to Natural Nails After Removing Acrylics

You've had your acrylic nails removed, now what? Here are some essential tips to show you how to return to natural nails after removing acrylics.

You've made the choice to have your acrylic nails removed. Whether it's been a few years or a few weeks, the care after acrylic nails are removed is very important. Here are a few essential tips to help you return to your natural nails after removing acrylics.

According to Dasha Minina, founder of Maxus Nails, it takes about 6 months for the natural nail to fully grow out. "Unless there was significant damage to the matrix during the duration of acrylic wear, that's how long it would take for the nail to go back to its natural undamaged state."

It is important that the acrylic nail is removed properly. It is recommended that you let a professional, well-trained nail technician remove acrylics. The technician will soak your nails in acetone, and gently push the nail with an orangewood stick or cuticle pusher. The technician should never pry the artificial nail away, as this removes a layer of the natural nail.

A manicure after removal will get the nails back in shape. According to EzFlow Global Brand Ambassador Allie Baker, your nail technician should apply a nail strengthener like EzFlow Natural Nail Treatment to give the nails strength and restore hydration.

Shari Gottesman,Founder of Perfect Formula, suggests using a moisturizing oil, Like Perfect Formula Daily Moisture, on your cuticles and on the edges of your nails daily. Gottesman states that you should see a big difference within a few days.

Finally, it is extremely important to take care of your nails by not exposing them to harsh conditions of aggressive filing or long periods of water absorption. Always wear gloves when exposing your hands and nails to household chemicals and when coming to contact with water for long periods of time, especially when washing dishes. Do not use a nail file on top of the nail plate, and only use a nail buffer instead.

With these tips handy, you should be able to have your acrylics removed and enjoy your natural, damage free nails.

Aprill Coleman

Aprill is a fashion blogger and freelance writer that dabbles in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. When she's not on the hunt for the next best lipstick, she's grilling or fishing.

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