Nail Colors We Want To Wear All Summer Long

by Sierra Burgos

Nail Colors We Want To Wear All Summer Long

Picture all of the awesome hands-on summer experiences you’re about to have—which nail color is looking back at you? A warm peach? A cool teal? If you need some inspo, check out these gorgeous summer colors before your next trip to the nail salon.





Essie – Cute as a Button





The name says it all—this bright coral pink is cute as a button and the ideal color for summer.





China Glaze – Highlight Of My Summer





How often do you get the opportunity to wear seafoam nail polish? Summer is the perfect time to rock bright, crazy colors like this China Glaze green.





OPI – Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet





This sunny nail color reminds us of the Crayola crayon, “Goldenrod.” Wearing yellow nail colors is all about finding the right shade, and we’re obsessed with this deep, vibrant one by OPI.





Essie – Silvous Play





We love this playful shimmery color by Essie. The silvery purple will glisten in the summer sun, making it one of our fave summer nail colors.





Kiko – Shade #389





Does this shade not remind you of a refreshing chlorine pool or the clear waters of the Caribbean? Just putting this nail polish on will have you in the summer mood, stat.





Princess Nail Lacquer – Jasmine





Pale pink—or millennial pink, as some have nicknamed it—has become one of the most loved colors of the season (okay, maybe every season). Pastels work great for summer because they’ll pop against your bronzed summer tan.





Essie – Without a Stitch





Take a break from the bright colors this summer and reach for a subtle gray, like this shade from Essie. Not only will it match everything, it also looks amazing on every skin tone.





Indigo Nails – Chiquita Banana





We have serious heart-eyes for this pale shade of yellow. Your nails will look prettier than ever holding a cocktail or playing in the sand.





OPI – Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic





Royal blue is such a useful nail color to own—it works for any skin tone and looks bomb no matter the season. Snag a deep blue like this one to really make your tan pop. Good luck saying the name out loud.





Essie – Tart Deco





Orange can be a tricky color to wear, but this “Tart Deco” shade by Essie makes it easy. The muted shade of orange gives the perfect pop of color without being too overbearing.





OPI – Tiramisu For Two





Summer time is great for nude nail colors. The neutral shades match everything and compliment your skin tone, while also giving off a more natural vibe. And who could resist a shade with Tiramisu in the name?





Essie – Lilacism





Lilac works great for spring, but it’s also a winner for summer. During the spring it’s danity and feminine, and during the summer it’s sassy and cool.





China Glaze – Pool Party





If this electric hot pink isn’t summer, then we don’t know what is. Try out something new with neon colors, like pink or orange. They’ll make you look tanner and you’ll feel like you’re at a pool party 24/7.





Sally Hansen – Mint Sprint





Can’t you just picture these nails holding a cheeseburger or sipping a milkshake on a hot summer day? This teal makes us want to head to the pool and dive right in.





Sally Hansen – Glow With The Flow





Get your glow on in more ways than one with this shimmery bronze nail polish. You’ll look like a Greek goddess combined with an angel, even if you feel pale AF.





OPI – You’re Such a Budapest





Cool off this summer with shades of blue, like this periwinkle from OPI. The sun might be hot, but you’ll remain cool as a cucumber.





China Glaze – Let’s Chalk About It





Especially if you’re really loving your summer tan, try a chalky color like this pinkish white. The pale hues will pop against your bronzed skin.





PS Cosmetics – Peachy Poo





Here’s another variation of orange that’s totally wearable. Bonus points if you snack on an orange Creamsicle with your matching nails.





Sally Hansen – Peach of Cake





This one’s a different take on peach, but still just as gorgeous. We love how the pink is more muted in this shade, making it perfectly girly for the summer months.





Nails Inc – Sparkle Like a Unicorn, Rainbow Wishes





We cannot handle this incredible iridescent blue from Nails Inc. The “Sparkle Like a Unicorn” collection is pretty lusted after, and it’s easy to see why—this shade is basically a unicorn and a mermaid rolled into one beautiful color.





OPI – Alpine Snow





Finally, you can never go wrong with a clean, classic white. Summer is the best season for all-white everything.