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Christmas Nail Art Ideas for a Festive Holiday Mani

The holidays are filled with festivities, which means ample opportunity to deck your digits with jolly Christmas nail art. We've rounded up our favorite nail designs from across the interwebs to get you through the season. From simple glitter designs to intricate art, we've found a Christmas mani for every girl.

Classic Christmas Card Nail Art

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This Christmas card manicure is for the more advanced nail artist. The detail on these nails is ah-mazing and totally reminds us of those classic Christmas cards. Check out the post by Wondrously Polished for tips on how to get the look.

Photo: Wondrously Polished

Cozy Sweater Nail Art

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This sweater nail art is so easy, anyone can do it. All you need is a warm color for the base coat, an almond polish for the details, a nail art brush, and a clear topcoat for shine and protection. Check out the full tutorial by DC contributor Katy Parsons here.


Holly Jolly Nail Art

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This holiday nail art by DC nail pro Katy Parsons is super simple and easy to create. All you need is a white, red, green, and clear nail polish for a pretty party look. Get Katy's full tutorial here.


Sparkly Christmas Tree Nail Art

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Give a regular red manicure an upgrade with a festive accent nail. Use striping tape and a nail art brush to paint a geometric Christmas tree on one nail (or, if you're feeling extra festive and inspired, add a tree to all nails). Check out Pshiiit for the full tutorial.

Photo: Pshiiit

Holiday Sweater Nail Art

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Striping tape and a thin nail art brush make this sweater nail design easy peasy. This tutorial uses red and white, but you can change up the colors to create your own scheme. Watch the video by Simple Nail Art Designs for the step-by-step.

Photo: Simple Nail Art Designs

Gold & Glitter Nail Art

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Give a gold mani a festive spin with red and green glitter and a holly accent nail. Cristina of Let Them Have Polish used a sponge to apply the glitter and a stamp for the holly leaves. Add red gems for the berries. Get the full tutorial here.

Photo: Let Them Have Polish

Glittery Christmas Nails

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Vlogger Mattania got creative with this glittery Christmas nail art. Start by painting a French manicure on all nails with a glittery polish, then add the holly details, and finish with a Santa decal. Click over for the full tutorial plus nine more holiday designs!

Photo: QT Place

Pretty Presents Nail Art

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Wrap your nails in this pretty present design. Paint all nails with a base coat, add a stripe along the middle, and dot it with a nail art pen. Finish with a bow on an accent nail. Get the full tutorial here.

Photo: Mod Cloth

Geometric Glitter Nail Art

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This geometric glitter nail art by DC nail bloger Alice is more fun than festive, but it adds a great flash of sparkle to finish a holiday look. Play with the colors and shapes to make it your own. Click over for the full tutorial.


Santa Nail Design

10 / 29


This detailed Santa nail design takes a steady hand and a bit of focus, but the end result is totally worth it. Get this festive look by starting with a plastic wrap manicure on all nails save for the pinky, then use nail art pens to draw on your Santa face and hat. Check out the post for tips.

Photo: The Lacquerologist

Nativity Scene Nail Art

11 / 29


What's more classic than a nail design that tells the story of Christmas? This nativity scene nail art takes a bit of imagination to cook up, but the end result is divine. See more photos and directions here.

Photo: The Lacquerologist

Snowman Nail Art

12 / 29


This snowman nail art is the perfect playful manicure for winter holidays. The post is in Greek, but the photos make it easy enough to follow.

Photo: The Nail Hacker

Candy Striped Nail Art

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Candy canes make for delicious inspiration for a holiday manicure. Simple, sweet, and pretty enough for any occasion. A Christmas tree accent nail kicks this manicure up a notch. Check out how to get the look on The Manicurator.

Photo: The Manicurator

Subtle Glitter Holiday Nails

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This subtle holiday nail look is super easy to create. Simply coat all nails with a nude polish and let dry. Next, take a glitter polish and carefully paint stripes on the outer edges. Check out the post for tips and color suggestions.

Photo: Love Maegan

Plaid Christmas Nails

15 / 29


Plaid is our favorite cold-weather print, and it translates so well to our nails. You can choose your own colors, but we love this cheerful holiday palette. Check out this mad-about-plaid post by DC nail blogger Katy for the full tutorial.


Frozen-Inspired Manicure

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If you're anything like us, you fell in love with Olaf, the goofy animated snowman from Frozen. This video tutorial for a design that puts Olaf on your nails is easy to follow and the results are better than a warm hug.

Photo: Polish and Pearls

Subtle & Simple Glitter Nails

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Make a nude mani holiday-ready by adding red, green, and gold glitter. Finish with a clear topcoat to make it last. Check out the post for the polishes and tips!

Photo: Glitter and Nails

Metallic Stars Nail Art

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Metallic stars add a festive flair to this sparkly manicure. Create the perfect shape with the help of a stencil, and finish with a topcoat for maximum wear length. Check out the full post here.

Photo: Nailside

Penguin Nail Art

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This wintry manicure is adorable and easy to replicate. Paint all nails an icy blue, dot on white polish as snowflakes, and paint a penguin on an accent nail. Check out the post for the full tutorial.

Photo: Popsugar

Marbled Holiday Nail Art

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This tutorial makes a marbled manicure super easy. Pick three colors—Cristina used tan, red, and green—and finish with glitter. Now we're hungry for some almond bark.

Photo: Let Them Have Polish

A French Christmas

21 / 29


Looking to keep things classic and clean? Give this twist on a French manicure a try. Nude, red, and gold give this mani a sophisticated look while still being festive. Click over to the Nailasaurus for the tutorial.

Photo: The Nailasaurus

Ombré Holiday Mani

22 / 29


Give your nails some extra flair with an ombré glitter manicure. Choose a base color, such as red or green, and apply multicolored glitter with a sponge to achieve the ombré effect. Check out the post for color tips!

Photo: Makeup And Beauty Blog

Red-Nosed Reindeer Nail Art

23 / 29


Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is our favorite Christmas critter, so we're naturally drawn to this nail art. Head over to Pshiiit for this how-to plus more cute Christmas mani tutorials.

Photo: Pshiiit

Simple Holiday Nails

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Wear this festive and chic manicure to any occasion this holiday season. All you need to recreate the look is some tape and two nail colors. We suggest using a bright base color and a complementary glitter polish (for cool tones accent with silver, warm tones accent with gold or bronze).

Photo: The Wonder Forest

Christmas Lights Nail Art

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One of the best parts about the holiday season is the twinkling lights. This tutorial from The Beauty Department shows us how to imitate the décor on our nails. All you need is a base coat, green and red polish, black cotton string, and nail brushes.

Photo: The Beauty Department

Festive French Manicure

26 / 29


What's more classic than a French manicure? We love this Christmas twist on the go-to nail design. To get the look, swap white tips for green, add a line of sparkle, and stamp a glittery red polish below. Check out the post here.

Photo: The Nail Network

Santa Claus Nail Art

27 / 29


There are myriad takes on Santa Claus manicures, but this fun animated one caught our eye. Use glittery red polish for the hat and accent nails, and a white, peach, and black for the rest of the look. Check out the full tutorial here.

Photo: Nuthin' But A Nail Thing

Gold Metallic Mani

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Gold is our hue of choice when it comes to simple holiday nails. This tutorial uses three polishes—light gold, dark gold, and gold glitter—to give the manicure a mixed-metal effect. Check out the post for the step-by-step directions.

Photo: The Beauty Department

Metallic Nail Art

29 / 29


A metallic manicure is the perfect finishing touch to add shine to any holiday look. Get this look with a silver polish and nail stamp. Check out this tutorial and 22 other metallic nail designs for the holidays here.


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