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Colorful Crayon Nail Art Tutorial

Nothing says "back to school" like a box of crayons. Give your tips a sentimental finish with this nail art tutorial inspired by a childhood favorite.

Colorful Crayon Nail Art

I think the beginning of my nail career stemmed from a crayon-filled childhood. The creativity that comes in that box of 96 glorious colors—with bonus sharpener!—is the same kind of creativity I feel when I'm doing nail art. That's why I love this crayon nail art for back-to-school season! Whether you're a fan of these waxy colored sticks of inspiration, an educator, or simply a big kid longing for her youth, you'll love this nail design.

First, gather your colors. I chose 5 basic colors from Misa: Loop-de-Loop, Tumble Bug, Gravitron, Power Surge, and Loveliest of Lilacs. You'll also need a black polish and a small brush you're comfortable using. Once you've got your colors and your tools, you're ready to create!

Here's how to do it:

Colorful Crayon Nail Art

1. Polish each of your nails with two coats of a single color. Make each nail a different color. Let dry.

2. With your small brush and black polish, paint a wavy line near the tip; then fill it in. (Don't worry if it looks a little lumpy at this point ... your top coat will smooth it out at the end.)

Colorful Crayon Nail Art

3. Add a small half moon near your cuticle. Fill that in as well.

4. Clean off your brush, and add a wavy line in the black section using your base color. Try to match the same wave of the black section. Finish with a nice thick top coat. Seche Vite is my pick, because it smooths out bumps and dries quickly!

Recreated this look? Share it with us! Tag Divine Caroline on Twitter or on Instagram to share your colorful crayon nail art! You can also get in touch with Katy via her blog handle @blognailedit on both Twitter and Instagram! Or just stop by Nailed It for more nail art designs.

Katy Parsons

Katy is a budding nail technician with a fervor for striking, original nail art and a passion for polish. Her bold designs are created in Boulder, Colorado, but through her tutorials and inspirational designs, she's spreading the joy of nail art to lacquer lovers everywhere!

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