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Easy Plaid Nail Art How-To

Not too many exciting things happen in January aside from dieting and exercise, but what I love about this month is all the layering for colder weather with scarves and leggings and boots! For me, that means adding plaid to my wardrobe. Try this fun pattern in your nail art, too, for a fresh take on the trend. Plaid can be done in many colors—you can even use different hues of the same color for a more conservative look—so feel free to sub in your favorite colors for this easy nail art look.

You will need four different color polishes, a base coat and a top coat and a thin nail art brush. I used purplish taupe polish for my base color. For the stripes I picked a beige metallic colora dark purple and navy blue.

Follow these simple steps to create this simple plaid nail art design:

Clean your nails and shape them to the desired look. Apply a clear base coat.

  1. Apply two thin coats of your base color.
  2. Once the base color is dry, take your thin nail art brush and metallic polish and paint two lines that cross near the top left corner of your nail but not too close to the edge.
  3. Dip your nail art brush in the navy blue polish and outline both of the metallic lines.
  4. Using the dark purple polish, paint two lines that cross near the bottom right corner of your nail but not too close to the skin. Let your plaid nails dry and finish with a clear top coat.

Check out how cute your nails look! Now you're ready to go out and show off your plaid!

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Jocelyn Merkley

Jocelyn is a turtle catcher, cat lover, nail artist and a wife and mother on the side. She loves to plan parties and girls nights that always include lots of nail polish! Her motto is that you always feel better with painted nails!

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