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Eye-Catching Egyptian Nail Art Design Tutorial

Have an eye for interesting nail art? Then this look is for you! Try your hand at this Egyptian-inspired nail art design for an eye-catching look your friends will envy. (Okay, no more puns, I promise.)

Who says you have to actually travel to the mysterious land of Egypt to be inspired by its beauty? Capture the intrigue of Egypt on your nails with this simple Egyptian nail art tutorial that features the Eye of Horus, the right eye of the sun god Ra.

Egyptian Eye Nail Design

Here are the tools you'll need: a clear base coat, a green nail polish (I used Jealous, Much? by Orly), and a black nail polish (I used Liquid Leather by China Glaze), a large dotting tool, black and white nail polish stripers, and a matte-finish clear top coat.

Egyptian Eye Nail Design

1. Prep your clean and shaped nails with a clear base coat. Paint your pointer and ring fingers with the green nail polish and paint your thumbs, middle and pinky fingers with black nail polish.

2. Using your black striper, paint the outline of the Egyptian Eye of Horus on the green nails. This includes an eyebrow, a slit for the eye big enough to put a large dot inside it, and two swirls on the bottom. (Check out this drawing if you need a guide.)

Egyptian Eye Nail Design

3. Dip your large dotting tool in black polish, and dot the pupil in the middle of each eye you drew. Clean off your dotting tool, and dip it in the white polish to add seven dots to each of the nails on your middle fingers, in the pattern shown.

4. Use your white striper to add curved lines around the top and bottom of each white dot to make them into eyes. Also use the striper to paint three delicate lashes on top of each eye, being careful not to touch the eyelid. Let your design dry for 10 to 15 minutes, and finish with a matte top coat.

And there you have it! An Egyptian-inspired nail design your friends will be eyeing with jealousy (I couldn't resist!).

For more nail art by Jocelyn, visit PolishPedia.

Jocelyn Merkley

Jocelyn is a turtle catcher, cat lover, nail artist and a wife and mother on the side. She loves to plan parties and girls nights that always include lots of nail polish! Her motto is that you always feel better with painted nails!

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