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How to Create Ombre Nails

It’s clearer than ever that ombre is no passing fad. This simple nail tutorial gives you the steps on getting a complicated-looking color gradation effect that's way easier than it looks.


To create this ombre, look choose three shades of polish in the same color family. After applying a base coat, paint your nails in the lightest of the three shades. Next you will need a wedge-shape makeup sponge and a paper plate. Pour out a little of the darkest color polish on the paper plate. Use the wide end of the sponge to soak up a little of the polish, and begin dabbing the tip of each nail lightly with the color. Next pour out a little of your medium shade. Use the narrow end of the makeup sponge and dab the color on the nails between the dark and light shades. Finally, finish with a clear top coat. We created this mess-free look by working quickly and cleaning up smeared edges with nail polish remover and coton swabs!

Hayley Mason

Haley served as the associate beauty editor for DivineCaroline (now after graduating college with a degree in journalism. Sephora has nothing on the number of color tubes that are jammed into her bathroom cabinet! She's a product junkie who loves trying out new and outrageous trends. She's lived on three continents and dreams of reporting on global beauty news.

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