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How to Create Plaid Nails with Tape

There are so many nail looks I love and want to try but have dismissed, thinking they can only be done by a professional in a salon. But that's so not the case! See how you can get a salon-worthy look at home with these simple tricks.


To create this plaid design you'll need a base coat and top coat, white polish, several colors you think look good together for the plaid pattern, cuticle scissors, and clear tape. After applying a base coat, paint all your nails white. We used the plaid nail as an accent nail, but if you really love the look you could do all of them. Next we painted thin strips of each of our colors onto the clear tape with enough room between them to cut into strips. Cut the strips of color, and then apply to your nail in a plaid pattern. Once you're pleased with the design, use cuticle scissors to cut the excess tape strips. Cuticle scissors will allow you to get really close the edge of the nail. Finish with a clear top coat and your straight-line plaid pattern will stay in place for days!

Hayley Mason

Haley served as the associate beauty editor for DivineCaroline (now after graduating college with a degree in journalism. Sephora has nothing on the number of color tubes that are jammed into her bathroom cabinet! She's a product junkie who loves trying out new and outrageous trends. She's lived on three continents and dreams of reporting on global beauty news.

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