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Meow! Halloween Cat Nails

Cats are my favorite animals so naturally I’m a cat every year for Halloween! Since I also go to the same party every year with the same people, I have to change up my costume a bit each time. These nails are definitely a fun and cute way to add character to any cat costume.

Since I don’t have long enough nails to file them sharp I used Kiss press-on nails. I love them because they are thin and have everything you need in the package. In addition to the press-on nails, you'll need black polish and silver polish.

Follow these simple steps to recreate your own cat nails. If you're shaping your own natural nails, skip the first few steps and get right to the point—shaping them to a point, that is.

1. Prep your nails by clipping them short. Clip the sides especially close.

2. Match the differently sized press-on nails to your fingers, looking for the best fit for each finger, then apply the glue to the back side bottom half of each nail.

3. Apply and press hard on the nail for 10 seconds. Repeat for all of your fingers.

4. To create the pointed shape, clip both sides of the nail at a hard diagonal but leave a small bit of space not clipped at the top of the nail.


5. File each nail to a point.

6. Paint all of your nails black.

7. Outline the tips of your nails with silver polish to exaggerate the point.

Now meow the night away with this pretty kitty manicure. Just try not to get in a cat fight!

Visit to find more nail art by Jocelyn.

Jocelyn Merkley

Jocelyn is a turtle catcher, cat lover, nail artist and a wife and mother on the side. She loves to plan parties and girls nights that always include lots of nail polish! Her motto is that you always feel better with painted nails!

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