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Nail How-To: Totally Tropical Nail Design

Summer may be coming to a close, but you can keep the beach party going well into the cooler months with this colorful tropical nail design. Follow our simple steps to re-create the look yourself!

I'm not quite ready to wish summer such a fond farewell, but waving it out the door with a tropical nail design is the way to do it ... if you have to. This nail art tutorial will teach you how to master the hibiscus-flower, Hawaiian-print look in a way that's much cooler than your grandpa's vacation shirt.

Tropical Flower Nails

First you'll need to gather up a few supplies. Most importantly, you'll need variety of bright polishes, like those in the Essie Neons collection. You'll also need a dotting tool and a thin little striping brush. A kit like the Urban Outfitters one offers both tools. You will also want a white base color, a top coat, and a base coat.

Tropical Flower Nails

1. After applying a base coat to protect your nails and help polish adhere, coat your nails with two coats of white. Once dry, use a dotting tool dipped in a bright polish, like this pink, to place two dots right beside each other, even touching. Place four sets of these on your nail in a square.

2. With your striping brush, connect the outer edges of the dots to the center of the square. Fill in with polish.

Tropical Flower Nails

3. Once the pink polish has completely dried, use your striping brush and yellow polish to paint small wisps extending from the center of the flower you just made.

4. For the stamen, add a larger wisp extending past the edges of the petals in the same color you did your flower in. At the end of the flower stamen, dot a few dots of yellow.

Tropical Flower Nails

You could stop there and just add one flower to each nail, but to really go tropical, add more flowers in different colors to fill in the white spaces. Finish off your design with a top coat to seal the look.

If you liked these hibiscus flowers, be sure to check out some other Divine Caroline floral tutorials, including the Freehand Floral look, sweeping social media! If you re-create this or any other looks, share it with me on Twitter or Instagram.

For more amazing nail designs by Katy, visit Nailed It.

Katy Parsons

Katy is a budding nail technician with a fervor for striking, original nail art and a passion for polish. Her bold designs are created in Boulder, Colorado, but through her tutorials and inspirational designs, she's spreading the joy of nail art to lacquer lovers everywhere!

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