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Our Favorite Floral Nail Looks

Floral print is a timeless spring staple, and this season it's all about taking that trend to your nails. Most of these manis can be recreated with a nail brush and a little bit of practice. Which floral nail art look will you rock?

Bohemian Floral Nail Art

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This funky floral-print nail art from The Lacquerologist is detail heavy but easy to recreate. With a range of colored polishes and a few simple nail art tools, you too can achieve this springtime masterpiece.

Photo: Photo courtesy of The Lacquerologist

Cute Kitsch Floral Nail Art

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We love the mix of bold blues and baby hues in this kitschy nail motif from Wondrously Polished. If you love retro floral prints and can handle a little bit of freehanding, this is the perfect look.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Wondrously Polished

Floral Accent Nail Art

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Black nail polish is a sophisticated, year-round, go-to mani color, but Love Maegan gives us an update to die for. Using a nail brush to add green, pink, and yellow accent flowers is a sweet but subtle way to celebrate the springtime.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Love Maegan

Floral Polka Dot Nail Art

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Flowers and polka dots make the perfect print combo in this cheerful springtime manicure. A nail art brush is all you’ll need to recreate this pretty blue and yellow pattern-mixing mani. Get the steps for this look here!

Lilly Pulitzer Floral Nail Art

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This pretty pastel nail design from Indian Ocean Polish is inspired by the queen of floral print, Lilly Pulitzer. Try this pretty petal nail art the next time you want to channel the late princess of prep.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Indian Ocean Polish

Nude Daisy Nail Art

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Pairing playful daisy print with a sophisticated nude polish and trendy nail gems is a great way to rock floral nail art without overdoing it. Get the steps for this look here!

Floral Color-Blocked Nail Art

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This Prada-inspired floral nail is the haute couture way to rock multiple spring trends. Get this gorgeous print with white polish and a nail art brush, or opt for a super-simple nail art pen. Get the steps for this look here!

Floral Love Nail Art

8 / 12


We’re in love with this free-spirited floral nail design from the Nailasaurus. Rejoice in all things love, peace, and springtime with this flirty, flowered manicure.

Photo: Photo courtesy of the Nailasaurus

Floral Glitter Nail Art

9 / 12


This glitter nail art is a glamorous take on the floral nail trend. With a nail art brush, bright polishes, and a glitter topcoat, this stylish look is simple to recreate. Get the steps for this look here!

Floral Tip Nail Art

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Flowered French tips are a cute and classy way to rock the floral nail art trend this season. The subtle yellow and lavender polishes make for a sweet springtime mani. Get the steps for this look here!

Betsey Johnson Inspired Floral Nail Art

11 / 12


Betsey Johnson is the queen of punchy prints, and this nail art from Rebecca Likes Nails translates BJ's style seamlessly. We love the cheeky leopard and floral pairing. All you need is some green, yellow and hot pink polish and a few freehand skills!

Photo: Photo courtesy of Rebecca Likes Nails

Hawaiian Floral Nail Art

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Whether you're boarding a plane to Hawaii or just enjoying a springtime staycation, this tropical floral print manicure from Chalkboard Nails is sure to boost your spirits. Pairing bold colors over a simple white basecoat keeps your nail art looking clean and not cluttered.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

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