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Permanent Marker Nail Art

This nail tutorial is all about saving you time. You can get a fun and trendy look with one easy-to-use tool: a permanent marker. Check it out!


If you’re in a rush or simply looking for a neat and clean design you can pull off while giving yourself an at-home manicure, a permanent marker can do the trick. Once you’ve painted your nails a solid color use a permanent marker in any color (I like the metallic gold or silver markers) and draw on the design of your choosing. Paint on a topcoat for the finishing touch. It couldn't be any easier!

Hayley Mason

Haley served as the associate beauty editor for DivineCaroline (now after graduating college with a degree in journalism. Sephora has nothing on the number of color tubes that are jammed into her bathroom cabinet! She's a product junkie who loves trying out new and outrageous trends. She's lived on three continents and dreams of reporting on global beauty news.

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