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Rock These Stunning Silver Foil Nails for New Year's Eve

Ring in the New Year with these sleek, sexy, and super-simple New Year's nails. Today's look features nail foil, a relatively unknown gem in popular nail art. So easy!

Silver Foil Nails Tutorial

There's a lot to celebrate on New Year's Eve, so wear your excitement for all the world to see. What makes these amazing New Year's nails so cool is that they're made using silver nail foil and foil glue. You'll never have the same result twice, yet you'll love them every time.

Silver Foil Nails Tutorial

It's So Easy Nails has several easy kits that offer foil and glue in one package. I used the Foil 'em Kit for my crushed silver nails. You'll also need a base coat, a base color such as Black Onyx from OPI, and a topcoat to make these New Year's nails.

Silver Foil Nails Tutorial

1. After applying a base coat to protect your nails, apply two coats of black polish and let dry.

2. Grab your foil glue, and wipe the brush of the glue along the lip of the bottle so there's hardly any glue left on the brush. Now sweep it across your nail in different directions and with differing amounts of pressure. The glue I used looked blue when I applied it. Wait for your glue to dry a little so it becomes tacky. You'll know it's ready when it turns clear.

Silver Foil Nails Tutorial

3. Cut a little piece of foil from the roll, and place it, shiny side up, on the tacky glue. Press the foil on your nail. Repeat, changing the direction of the foil as you go. Do this until no more glue is left untouched. Be sure to get your cuticle and sidewalls! Seal your shattered silver with a topcoat.

This design shows serious sparkle, so be prepared to be in the spotlight wherever your night takes you!

Want more spotlight-seeking nail tutorials? Visit Katy at Nailed It for tutorials like these and nail art like this!

Katy Parsons

Katy is a budding nail technician with a fervor for striking, original nail art and a passion for polish. Her bold designs are created in Boulder, Colorado, but through her tutorials and inspirational designs, she's spreading the joy of nail art to lacquer lovers everywhere!

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