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Seasonal Mani: Abstract Fall Leaves Nail Art

No matter what your autumn looks like (No brilliant red maple leaves? No biggie!), you can enjoy this abstract leaf-inspired mani that uses fun and unexpected colors. Try this fall leaves nail art today, and celebrate the season!

Seasonal Abstract Leaves Art

I wanted to create some fall leaves nail art, but I wanted to also make the leaves a bit brighter and more fun than the usual warm yellow and orange hues you might expect! You'll need a glitter base color, a topcoat, striping tape, dark-colored nail polish, and studs if you want them. Here's how to create this fall leaves nail art:

Seasonal Abstract Leaves Art

1. Paint your nails with a glitter base color. Once completely dry (you can use a fast-dry topcoat to speed up the process), apply striping tape to the centers of some of your nails. If you don't have striping tape, strips of clear adhesive tape will work just fine.

2. Cut smaller pieces of tape and place them diagonally on your nails alongside the center pieces of tape.

Seasonal Abstract Leaves Art

3. Using darker-colored nail polish, paint over the tops of your striping tape, making sure it's all pressed down firmly so the polish cannot run underneath. Remove the tape as quickly as you can. You can do this fall leaves nail art on all your nails if you prefer, but I like them as accent nails.

4. Add studs to your other nails if you like, or you can leave them as they are. I also applied topcoat to seal in the design and keep the studs in place.

For more nail art designs from Alice, stop by One Nail to Rule Them All.


Alice Sanderson

Hi! I'm Alice, I'm 19 years old and I'm in my second year studying history at the University of Sheffield, in the UK. I've been doing nail art for about three years, having started in order to stop myself from biting my nails. I used to think of nails as a backup to my degree, but now I’m not so sure!

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