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Summer Nails: Coral Reef Nail Art

You don't have to fly to a tropical destination for a snorkeling excursion to get a glimpse of the beauty in the sea. With this nail art tutorial, it's easy to paint your favorite underwater scenes, such as coral and starfish, right on your nails. Here's how to get these fun-loving summer nails.

Coral Reef Nail Art

There is nothing more enchanting than looking through clear blue water at the coral reef. All year I look forward to snorkeling. In fact, my annual beach trip is coming up next week, so with much anticipation, I created these summer nails inspired by my favorite underwater beauties: coral and starfish on a bed of aquamarine color.

To complete this nail art, you will need a white striping brush, small and large dotting tools, mint polish, coral or pink polish, a base coat and top coat. Be sure to clean your nails, shape them and paint them with a clear coat before starting.

Coral Reef Nail Art

1. Paint all your nails with a mint polish. I think this color best resembles clear waters; let dry.

2. Dip your large dotting tool into pink polish. To create the starfish, you will need to drop and drag your tool out five times from a central location to make a star. Remember, the cutest starfish are the imperfect ones, so don't worry about making it look symmetrical. I put a whole starfish on two of my nails and partial starfish on the other nails.

Coral Reef Nail Art

3. Now take your white striping tool and paint a wavy line from the edge of your nail in the open space. Add tiny branches off the main line to make it look like stag coral.

4. Dip the small dotting tool in white polish, and place a dot in the middle of each pink starfish and two dots down each appendage. Once it's dry, finish with a fast-drying top coat.

For more nail art by Jocelyn, go to PolishPedia.

Jocelyn Merkley

Jocelyn is a turtle catcher, cat lover, nail artist and a wife and mother on the side. She loves to plan parties and girls nights that always include lots of nail polish! Her motto is that you always feel better with painted nails!

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