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Summer Nails! Pineapple Party Nail Art

Whether you're taking a vacation to a tropical island or just looking to spruce up your tips, this nail art tutorial is for you.

Pineapple nails! They're adorable and easy. And they look so real, you might just be tempted to take a nibble from this nail art.

You will need a striping brush and a few colors for perfect pineapples. Here's how to get this tasty treat.

1. Apply two coats of yellow polish (like OPI's The "It" Color ) over your base coat.
2. Paint some diagonal lines in a darker color (like OPI A-Piers to Be Tan) with your striping brush.

3. Add little dots in the center of each diamond.
4. Now mix 1 drop of yellow polish with 1 drop of white polish on a piece of paper, and paint lines near the dark ones. This adds a level of bombshell dimension. Your friends will be impressed!

5. With a bright green (like Revlon Posh), paint triangles on the tips of your nails to look like leaves of a pineapple, then fill them in. Be sure to finish with a top coat!

Your friends will inevitably be grabbing your hands to get a good look, so keep your cuticles fresh and summer ready. Be sure to moisturize regularly with cuticle oil and lotion. I like cuticle pens like these that you can toss in your bag. They apply easily and they're mess-free. A little goes a long way too. You'll be more eager to share your nail art with your adoring fans with super soft hands!

Here's a Pin-able version with how-to steps and a finished image:

For more nail art designs and tutorials from Katy, go to Nailed It.

Katy Parsons

Katy is a budding nail technician with a fervor for striking, original nail art and a passion for polish. Her bold designs are created in Boulder, Colorado, but through her tutorials and inspirational designs, she's spreading the joy of nail art to lacquer lovers everywhere!

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