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Sweet Ice Cream Nails for Summer

You scream, I scream, we all scream for this yummy ice cream nail design. Cool your nails with this frozen treat.

Ice Cream Nail Design

This ice cream nail art is a triple scoop of fun. You can change the colors to anything that fits the season and your outfit, but I went with some great pastels, including three China Glaze colors (Too Yacht to Handle, Lemon Fizz and Bottoms Up). I added a little sparkle to the non-accent nails with a coat of Fairy Dust on top. In addition to whatever color polishes you want to use, you'll also need a fine-tip nail art brush and a clear top coat to seal the design when you're done.

Here's how to get this ice cream nail design look:

Ice Cream Nail Design Steps 1-2

1. Polish your nails with a tan shade like Case Study from Essie.

2. Stripe diagonal lines in a darker brown across the lower half of your nail. I used A-Taupe the Space Needle from OPI.

Ice Cream Nail Design Steps 3-4

3. With the bottle's brush in your first ice cream color, paint some dripping designs as shown. They can be messy; your next layer will cover it.

4. Add a second drippy scoop with your next color. Apply the polish in the same way.

Ice Cream Nail Design Steps 5-6

5. Repeat with a third color, painting the entire tip.

6. Now mix your three shades with white, and add small highlights to each of the drips. For the yellow layer, I used just white. Seal your design with a quick dry top coat to ensure that it lasts. This will also help even out any spots from your layers that are uneven or bumpy.

Here's a Pin-able version with all the steps and a finished image. Yum!

Ice Cream Nail Design Step-by-Step

For more nail art designs from Katy, go to Nailed it.

Katy Parsons

Katy is a budding nail technician with a fervor for striking, original nail art and a passion for polish. Her bold designs are created in Boulder, Colorado, but through her tutorials and inspirational designs, she's spreading the joy of nail art to lacquer lovers everywhere!

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