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Wedding Nail Designs That Won't Upstage the Bride

Weddings are a time to look your best, but if it's not your big day, picking an appropriate wedding nail design can be difficult. Subtlety isn't for everyone, but if there was ever a time for a tasteful mani, this is it. Keep the crazy colors and patterns to a minimum, but don't be afraid to show your personality. Click through our slideshow for nail art that won't steal anyone's shine.

Lace Half Moon Nail Art

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This subtle lace-and-nude nail from Chalkboard Nails is the perfect way to rock a print without calling too much attention to your mani. Pick a sheer polish to use as base coat and freehand these ladylike details with with white polish and a nail art brush.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

Glitter French Tip Nail Art

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Pink is universally accepted as a nail neutral, so no need to worry about upstaging anyone with this bright shade. A little glitter can add a lot of glamour without going overboard on your wedding nail designs. Get the full tutorial here!

Metallic Studded Mani

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The metallic studded mani from Katrina’s Nail Blog is a sweet and subtle way to rock trendy nail art for any occasion, but the pretty pastels make it especially wedding-appropriate!

Photo: Photo courtesy of Katrina's Nail Blog

Glitter Border Mani

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Glitter tips are super popular right now, but Neverland Nail Blog takes it all the way around with this understated outline nail art. This dreamy look is perfect for a summer wedding.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Neverland Nail Blog

Metallic Polka Dot Nail Art

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Polka dots make a pretty print that never calls too much attention. This wedding-ready nail look is easy to achieve with white polish and a metallic Sharpie! Unconventional? Maybe. Super stylish? Definitely. See the video tutorial here!

Pink Studded Accent Nail Art

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If you’re looking for chic wedding nail art that isn't over-the-top, using nail studs or gems to accent only one nail should do the trick. We love this clean, blingy look from Chelsea Queen.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Chelsea Queen

Reverse Glitter Ombre Manicure

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Glitter nails may seem a little flashy, but pairing like colors (light blue and silver, for example) keeps the glam level just right. See the video tutorial here!

Something Blue Mani

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Kelsie’s Nail Files has the right idea with this super simple blue-and-gold nail combo. Nothing says “It’s wedding season” quite like Tiffany blue, and nothing says “I’m cute, but I’m not trying too hard” like a sheer nail with a glitter top coat. Perfect.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Kelsie's Nail Files

Glitter Accent Nail Art

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If glitter plus a bright color seems like a little too much, this beige polish and glitter accent nail art from Ink and Adventure might be just the sophisticated, toned-down vibe you’re going for.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Ink and Adventure

Gold Striped Nail Art

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Matte nails are always a good idea, and the gold glitter accent is fancy without being flashy. Sarah Lou Nails suggest investing in a matte top coat, a perfect solution for toning down your glossy favorites.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Sarah Lou Nails

Black and White Chevron Mani

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If you must rock a trendy print, make it black-and-white and chevron. Both of those are timeless enough to be tasteful. Go all out and add a silver accent nail like this look from Polish Art Addict. But that’s the absolute most you can pull off on someone else’s big day.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Polish Art Addict

Clear Striped Nail Art

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Another great way to accent without going overboard is by leaving a stripe of your natural nail underneath your favorite color, like this mani from Nailopedia. Just tape off a section, paint on a colorful polish, remove the tape and seal with a glossy top coat!

Photo: Photo courtesy of Nailopedia

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