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Disco Vampire Dreams: Dark Shadows Nail Polish Launch

These days, it’s not a big-budget movie release if there’s not a nail polish tie-in. The Hunger Games has one. The Muppets had one. The newest movie to get a capsule collection of its very own nail lacquers is the soon-to-be-released Dark Shadows, the latest collaboration between Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter.

What is Dark Shadows, you ask? Based on a ’60s soap opera, the campy comedy stars the always-stylish Depp as a Revolutionary War-era vampire who wakes up in 1972. Bell-bottoms, disco, blood-sucking, witches, HBC, Michelle Pfeiffer, werewolves, spooky stuff. YES.
Inspired by the movie’s swinging supernatural characters, ORLY has introduced a line of four polishes that capture the cheeky humor and outrageous costuming. Mysterious Curse (a shimmery holographic purple), Buried Alive (a gleaming chocolate brown), Grave Mistake (a deep, creamy red), and Decades of Dysfunction (an opaque pink-lavender) will be available in May for $8.50 each at and ULTA.


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