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On-the-Go Nail Polish Removers

When your polish is looking less than perfect, don't you wish you could wipe it all away? We've compiled the best nail polish removers on the market so you can gift your nails with a blank slate. 

Sephora Collection Instant Nail Polish Remover—This is perfect for an office desk drawer. The all-in-one design means no need to keep cotton balls on hand. ($9.50, Sephora)
Deborah Lippmann “The Stripper to Go” Lacquer Remover Mitts—One of these bad boys fits right into a wallet, making them supremely portable. And since they’re sturdy fabric, not flimsy cotton, they remove glitter polish in a flash. ($12 for 6, Nordstrom)
Topshop Nail Varnish Remover—These soft wipes are the ultimate travel polish remover, so they mostly live in my suitcase. (What? You don’t do mid-vacay manicures?) ($3 for 20 wipes, Topshop)
OPI Corrector Pen—Let’s say you were doing a manicure at your desk and you got a little sloppy. (I’ve never done this, I’m just saying.)This pen is perfect for fixing flubs. ($7.95, Ulta)

Allison Ford

Allison is a writer and editor who specializes in beauty, style, entertainment, and pop culture. She was part of the editorial team at DivineCaroline (now for more than three years. She loves makeup, sparkly accessories, giraffes, brunch, Matt Damon, New York City, and ice cream.

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