Nail Trends: Neon-Tipped Nails

by admin

Nail Trends: Neon-Tipped Nails

Neon nail colors are a big trend for summer, although it’s perhaps not the most wearable nail trend we’ve seen in recent years. Full-fledged neon nails are daring and not always suitable for work but there are ways to wear the neon look while still keeping it low-key.

Personally, I like to pair a hint of neon on the tips with my favorite nude polish for a funky French manicure. I like to call it the "iced" look! This will work on any nail length (even my shorties!) and you get to decide exactly how much neon nail polish is right for you. 

Most of the top nail polish brands are coming out with neon collections this year so they’re fairly easy to come by in stores. My favorite is the Models Own Ice Neon collection which is available to purchase at Harlow and Co. Nails Inc. also released a few neon shades and China Glaze’s Sunsational Collection for Summer ’13 contains some creamy neons that lean towards pastel for a slightly more muted but still blindingly bright finish!

French tips can be tricky, but there’s more than one way to go about it and you’re sure to find a way that works for you.

  • You could take the traditional route and use some French tip guides for a perfect line every time. Or improvise and use a bit of sticky tape to block off the section you don't want colored. Just press along the edge of the tape to get a god seal and make sure your base coat is REALLY dry.
  • Next up—and only to be used if you’re feeling confident (or are in a rush!)—grab the brush straight from the bottle and run it along the tips of your nails.
  • Finally, and the way I created these iced tips, try it with a nail art brush. This will give you a bit more control and a smaller brush makes for less potential mistakes!

Give neon-tipped nails a try today. It's a fun way to get in on the neon trend without feeling like you've stepped back in time to the '80s!

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