NYFW: Custom Nail Color by butter LONDON on the Karen Walker Runway

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NYFW: Custom Nail Color by butter LONDON on the Karen Walker Runway

Katie Jane Hughes, lead manicurist at butter LONDON, worked very closely with designer Karen Walker on her spring 2014 runway show for New York Fashion Week. Hughes created a custom polish that accompanied Walker’s earthy-toned collection.

Walker took inspiration from Eastern utility and gave it a modern urban spin. How exactly does one put a modern spin on Eastern utility? Well, Walker removed the structure from traditionally tailored pieces, like suit jackets and dress pants, and paired them with inumerable different printed blouses. Feeding off of traditional prints from India, she was able to create a “magic carpet” blouse with an ornate blue and white pattern, which she put under an unstructured suit jacket with slouchy dress pants in a gauzy, bleached coral. The collection was also home to oversized trench coats and colorful leather carry alls in aubergine, electric yellow and nude-pink. She swtiched things up by tossing the concept of matching, to the wayside; she played with the appeal of individual pieces on their own. Each look was completed with shoes that gave off a patent leather shine, again in her favorite sun-bleached pink. 

In order to match the nude color palette of Walker's collection, Hughes created a bespoke color. Hughes began by blending butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Kerfuffle, Cuppa and Bumster. She completed the look by using butter LONDON Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat