An Oh-So-Glamorous Nail Design to Celebrate The New Year

by admin

An Oh-So-Glamorous Nail Design to Celebrate The New Year

Happy New Year! To celebrate, I've created this glamour nails tutorial that features a tribal print design using rich nail polishes — a look that's sure to make your friends jealous in 2016.

NYE Nails

Use the start of the new year as an excuse to rock these tribal-print glamour nails. While tribal-print nails are often created in bright or pastel hues, these gold and jewel-tone polishes add a much more glamorous feel to this popular nail art design. Plus, decorating this design with studs enhances its fabulous appeal.

For this tutorial, you'll need a dark glitter polish, a white nail polish, a gold nail polish, studs, a nail brush, and a fast-drying topcoat.

NYE Nails: Steps 1-2

1. Start by painting all of your nails with a dark glittery base. I used one by Avon, but there are plenty of great dark glitter polishes on the market.

2. Using a brush and a white nail polish like Alpine Snow by OPI Nail Lacquer, or a white nail art pen, paint triangle shapes on your pointer fingers, using the cuticle as the base of the triangle.

NYE Nails: Steps 3-4

3. Next, using a gold polish like Barry M Gold Foil, fill in the tip of your pointer nails, creating another triangle-like shape. Also, use the gold polish to paint gold lines around the white triangles and to create triangles on your other accent nails.

4. Add additional details to your glamour nails like dots, additional white triangles, and dashes. There really is no wrong way to do this step, because a mix of prints and designs is what makes this nail art look more tribal.

NYE Nails: Steps 5-6

5. Add one stud to each of your nails and then add one more stud to each of your accent nails. I used studs from Avon, but these can be purchased from any beauty store or online.

6. Finish off this look with a topcoat like the Seche Dry Fast Top Coat to seal in your design and to keep the studs from falling off.

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