OPI’s Spring Euro Centrale Polish Collection Is Just What Your Nails Need

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OPI’s Spring Euro Centrale Polish Collection Is Just What Your Nails Need

OPI’s Euro Centrale Spring 2013 collection trends toward rich, dark, and creamy. (And, as usual, a fondness for puns.). It may seem counterintuitive when most are moving toward brights and pastels, but these shades will set your paws apart from all the other manicures out there.


Hands Off My Kielbasa



A bronzy tan that cruelly mimics the shade you'd like your skin to be this summer, Hands Off My Kielbasa is a nail polish that will go with everything. (Devouring large Polish sausages not required.) 


Can’t Find My Czechbook



Creamy blue will look amazing on your toes when paired with red sandals or hot pink peep-toe wedges. And if your checkbook does happen to go missing, check the closest shoe store!


Vant To Bite My Neck?



Yes, vampires are still a thing. And apparently they make your nails look amazing. This dark OPI polish will be in stark contrast to your light summer sundresses, making it stand out in the summer sun—which is a good time to wear it so you don't run into anyone of the pointed-teeth persuasion. 


OY – Another Polish Joke



Shimmery gold will dress up any look and have you looking like your fingers are drenched in sunlight. The rich color is perfect for the beach, an outdoor concert, or one of those much-touted barbecues everyone seems to attend every summer.


Suzi’s Hungary Again



This warm pink is one of OPI's sweetest summer shades and a gorgeous choice for someone of a more traditional nail bent. (We're not sure who Suzi is, but she has a good eye for color.) 

To see the full Euro Centrale collection and "try-on" colors, visit OPI.