Owl Feathered Nail Art

by admin

Owl Feathered Nail Art

When I think of the impending fall season coming up I think of apple cider, tall boots, and owls. I love when I get the chance to see owls in the zoo. I rarely ever see them in the wild but when I do it is completely magical. They are such amazing animals!

I like owls so much I came up with this cute owl nail art design. I love how the crescent shapes look so much like layered feathers and how the little dots around their eyes gives it a mysterious look.

Follow this step-by-step guide to create your own owl feathered nail art design.

  1. Prep the nails with a clear base coat, then apply two layers of mint polish to the thumb and ring finger and two layers of a brown polish that goes well with your mint polish to the remaining nails.
  2. Take a large dotting tool and create six large mint dots evenly spaced over the brown nails. Dip the large dotting tool in brown polish and cover the top half of the mint dots with brown dots leaving a mint colored crescent shape. Those are the bottom of the feathers.
  3. On the ring finger and thumb, take a large dotting tool and place two brown dots in the middle of the nail. Then take a small dotting tool and place it in between the bottom of the first two dots and gently pull down one small dot length to create a pointed beak. 
  4. Use a thin nail art brush dipped in the brown polish to paint on two squiggly eyebrows that slightly point up. Use the tip of the same brush to create dots surrounding the eye from the bottom of the eyebrow to the beak.
  5. To finish the eyes, take the large dotting tool dipped in mint polish and dot it in the inside of the brown dots, leaving a crescent shape on the outer edge. Use a small dotting tool to apply a bit of brown polish in the very inside of the mint dots in the eyes to create the pupils.
  6. Apply a finishing top coat and that’s it!

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